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Today's Pick of the Posts features Messageboard regular BroncosOwnU, who tackles the T.O. - Ricky Williams rumors.

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Today's top pick comes from BroncsOwnU, who gives us his take on the recent Terrell Owens and Ricky Williams rumors floating around Dove Valley.

After reading through all of the posts concerning possible additions to the Denver Broncos, and I've got to say, there are few issues that are more polarizing than these.

Right now there are two major rumors floating around the Broncos. T.O. and Ricky Williams. Both have questionable pasts, and both have single handedly brought about the demise of a team. Both are also very highly regarded talents.

The debate can rage back and forth over whether or not either one of them would put the team before themselves, or at least show up, shut up, and play. But what about the other factors?

Like for instance, both Ricky and T.O. are currently under contract, and the teams that hold them would rather get some value in return. So what would Denver have to give up to get either one? Draft picks? Current players?

Will the contracts either of them would sign going to take away from what we can do in free agency, or hinder our ability to sign draft picks? We are over the cap as it is, so in order to bring either of these guys in, there would have to be sacrifices elsewhere on the team. It is rumored that Philly wants at least Trevor Pryce in a deal for T.O., is anyone willing to give up Pryce for T.O.? What if they wanted more than that?

If we brought in Ricky, who would get cut Anderson or Bell? Would one of them be included in a trade?

More importantly is the cap hit, what about our defensive and offensive lines? They are two big key areas that need offseason attention. T.O. or Ricky would dictate much of what we can or CANNOT do to strengthen those postions.

When you list it all out. Personality issues, selfish behavior, cap restrictions, players lost, inability to add other players... Or amazing athletic ability, key ingridient, generally makes those around them better players.

Which outweighs which?

Personally? I think T.O. given the right insentive based contract, and the right language in the contract, T.O. could be a great addition, plus Philly is more desperate than Miami and would require less. The deman for Pryce is simply rumor, and I doubt Denver would pay such a steep price. (no pun intended) However, I've heard people say that Denver has a strong vetran leadership in the lockerroom. Philly thought the same thing though. So I say you just put it in his contract that he has to be an honorary member of the offensive line, which means he would be bound by their rules, and not allowed to talk to the media. Then the second half of that contract would be that unless he is on the field he must wear a muzzle.

Bottom line, he would be a good investment for a one or two year contract, with strict wording designed to keep his mouth in check, but the long term possibility of T.O. in Denver is only bad news for Denver.

As far as Ricky is concerned... I don't think there is anything that Miami would want, that is worth giving up on our end. Especially when Edge is a free agent, and Denver's ability to pull talent from the draft at RB. Plus if you address the offensive line, I think the backs we have can produce even better numbers.

I think the Broncos could find the players they need through FA and the Draft, the trades being speculated currently, are just too expensive.

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