Broncos News Blogs - Sunday, April 9

There's more speculation about who the Denver Broncos will pick in the upcoming draft in today's news reports.

Jackson tackling change in career - Denver Post – Mike Klis
04/09/2006 - In their annual search for better talent, the Broncos are counting all the usual resources. Free agency. The draft. Waiver wire. Practice squad. Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart? If there is one message the Broncos wish their public could better understand, it is that there always are places outside the norm to find talented players. Always. Last September, as the Broncos were catching guff for their decision to draft Maurice Clarett with the last pick in the third round, they quietly signed a big, left-handed, former basketball player in Corey Jackson.

Is Maryland tight end big in Broncos' plans? - Denver Post – Bill Williamson
04/09/2006 - As the draft hot stove heats up, speculation making the national rounds is the Broncos will package their No. 15 and No. 22 picks in the first round to move up to No. 5 (Green Bay) or No. 6 (San Francisco) to take Maryland tight end Vernon Davis, whose football ability, size and speed make him an off-the-charts NFL prospect. Davis is not likely to be on the board past the seventh pick. San Francisco and Oakland (the Raiders pick seventh) like him. Interest from Denver makes sense, because the Broncos need a tight end and a playmaker. Davis qualifies as both. But there are reasons Denver might not want to trade up that high. The Broncos might not want to pay a player as much as a top-five pick would earn. Denver likely would rather spread its money between two first- round picks.

Krieger: Trading for Favre makes sense for Broncos - Rocky Mountain News – Dave Krieger
April 8, 2006 - Just in case Mike Shanahan's suggestion box has any room left, let me pass this one on from a reader: The Broncos trade Jake Plummer and their two first-round draft picks (Nos. 15 and 22) to the Packers for Brett Favre and their first-round pick (No. 5). With the fifth pick, Shanahan could presumably draft Jay Cutler or one of the other quarterbacks at the top of the draft, depending on how the first four choices shake out.

Jay Cutler Readies Himself to Trade Vandy Gold- Denver – J. Michael Moore
Friday, April 7, 2006 - The hype surrounding Jay Cutler this offseason has, at times, been off the charts. The former Vanderbilt quarterback never led his team to more than five wins in a season and was heavily recruited by other, more prominent schools to play different positions. But less than a month before the NFL Draft, Cutler is regarded by many media draft analysts as the third-best quarterback available behind former Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart and the athletic Vince Young -- a national championship winner at Texas.

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