Broncos pick quarterback of the future

The Denver Broncos made the first big move of the 2006 NFL Draft by trading up in the first round to pick Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler.

The Denver Broncos made the first big waves in the 2006 NFL Draft when they traded their number 15 first round pick to the St. Louis Rams for the 11th sport and picked Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler. The deal involved also sending one of Denver's third round picks (68) to the Rams.

Jay Cutler Profile Full Name: Jay Cutler School: Vanderbilt Pos: QB

Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 226 40: 4.83 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Four-year starter awarded All-Conference honors as a senior after leading the SEC in passing with 59.1%/3,073/21/9. Junior totals were 61%/1,844/10/5.

Pos: Athletic prospect with the physical and mental skills necessary to start at the next level. Patient, stands strong in the pocket and immediately finds the open wideout. Displays a sense of timing, throws strikes and hits receivers in stride. Poised under pressure, can elude the rush and gets rid of the ball rather than taking a bad sack. Sells the ball fakes, accurate throwing on the move and displays toughness in all aspects of the game. Not afraid to challenge the vertical.

Neg: Must improve the consistency of his footwork - releases the errant pass off his back foot. Made a lot of plays on the college level because of his strong arm. Will force the errant throw into coverage on occasion.

Analysis: A consistent passer who has shown continual development throughout college, Cutler comes off a brilliant senior campaign. Must improve his fundamentals and pass placement but offers all the skills to lead a franchise into the future.

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