Q & A with 3rd. round pick Tony Scheffler

TE Tony Scheffler held a teleconferene with local media after being selected by the Denver Broncos as the 61st. overall pick.

On the feeling that he could be drafted in the second round
"It's a good feeling, obviously. I think I have great ability, and I'm going to prove to the Denver Broncos' organization and fans that I was a great pick for the Broncos. I can't wait to get in and get started."

On if he thinks he can come in and be a good blocker right away for Denver
"I do, I do. I played baseball, and I had a number of things holding me back from becoming a dominant blocker. It has been a knock on me, and I'm ready to go in and prove that the Denver Broncos made a great decision drafting me and I'm a tough player. I am a tough football player."

On his baseball career at Western Michigan
"I played for four years. This past year would have been my fifth year of eligibility, and I chose not to play."

On whether he ever had a thought of pursuing professional baseball
"There was out of high school, actually. There was a lot of hype coming out and that is why I pursued it in college….for that reason. Basically, football was number one in my heart and I have always been a football fan. I can't wait to continue that, (playing football) getting better and going from there."

On how important his 40-yard time was he ran out the NFL Combine
"It was big, but that is what I always run (time). I told everyone that I interviewed with at the combine that I would be in the 4.5s. I think it was big but at the same time, I think other parts of my game merit the same respect."

On his shoulder injury
"My sophomore year I broke my collarbone the first game of the season and missed the whole season. My junior and senior years, I started every game. That's a non-issue."

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