WR Brandon Marshall - 4th Round Pick

Denver Broncos 4th. Round Draft Pick Brandon Marshall shares his thoughts on joining the Broncos, his transition to wide receiver and the advantages of his height.

On his transition from safety to wide receiver
"I came into school as a wide receiver, and my freshman and sophomore years I played wide receiver. My sophomore year, I started the last few games at wide receiver. My junior year came along and we had six guys go down and we had no one else to play the position (safety), and I played it in high school so I went to coach and said, ‘coach it doesn't make any sense for us to score a lot of points but still lose the game because we can't stop anyone, so move me over there.' So I went over there and ended up leading the team in tackles and did an all right job. It was just a temporary thing, so I went back to wide receiver my senior year. I am well coached, I know the game and I know what I'm looking for when I'm out there on the field, so the transition from safety back to wide receiver wasn't hard for me. It just took a little time to get back into the swing of things, but I made it and I had a blessed season."

On if he ever thought about staying on the defensive side of the ball
"No sir, no sir. It's like a job. If you go to work and you are not happy, you are not going to do a good job. I told coach that receiver is where my heart is at and that's where I want to play. I moved back over to receiver, and I did a good job for myself and team."

On how he ended up at UCF
"It's funny because it came down to UCF and Florida, and Florida actually offered me at free safety and I didn't want to play free safety in college so UCF ended up offering me at wide receiver. Now I'm at UCF. I graduate May 5, and I'm blessed."

On how he sees himself fitting in with the receivers on Denver's roster
"I was just talking to my advisor and my high school coach. Just to be able to play behind (Broncos WR) Rod Smith and just learn from him, I mean that is always a blessing. It will be a much easier transition for me because I have a veteran, a guy who hasn't missed one workout in the offseason throughout his years in Denver. So to be there seeing his work ethic and learn from him and (Wide Receivers) Coach (Steve) Watson and (Head) Coach (Mike) Shanahan and the great organization of the Denver Broncos is a blessing. It can't be better. Everything happens for a reason."

On how much he uses his height to his advantage
"That's my game. I try to take advantage everyone I face just by my height and abilities. I use it a lot because it's very seldom that you see a 6-foot-5, 6-foot-4 and a half receiver that can run a 4.45 that is also physical and strong, so I try to use it to the best of my abilities every play whether it's blocking or catching the ball."

On if he senses playing will be a lot harder in the NFL with the size of the corners and the step up in competition
"Oh definitely. I think whenever you make the transition from pop warner to high school or high school to college or college to the NFL, there is always a transition and there is always that learning curve you are going to have to adjust to. It's going to be a little tough but at the end it's going to all work out."

On what he learned in 2004 with a UCF team that struggled
"How to stay together, team, unity and perseverance. It was a stressful time. When you lose 11 games and don't win any, that's real tough. It taught me to keep working no matter what, to continue to look for that light and the end of the tunnel and just keep pushing and pushing. It's kind of similar to my situation throughout this process. I was a guy at the end of this season that was probably projected to go as a free agent or seventh round, and that perseverance to keep pushing and work everyday as if it's my last day is the reason I am here and will be playing for the Denver Broncos."

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