G Chris Kuper teleconference - 4/30

In the fifth round of the 2006 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos looked to the offensive line, drafting guard Chris Kuper from North Dakota.

On the difficulty of getting noticed by NFL scouts at a Division-II school
"It's tougher than for another guy that maybe plays in the Big Ten or a school like that. I just went out and did my job and did everything I could for my team and for myself, and it ended up working out."

On how he ended up playing at North Dakota after growing up in Alaska
"Just lack of recruiting. I didn't really get recruited too much out of high school. I had really two options: go to Western Washington, North Dakota or possible go to a junior college."

On if the Broncos visited him when he worked out at a local performance agency
"I saw some guys there at some point, but nothing that set a red light off in my head that told me that they were interested or how interested they were."

On if he met Broncos C Tom Nalen and other Denver offensive linemen while training locally
"Yes. I trained with Nalen a little bit over there."

On if he can long snap
"Yes, that's something that I've been honing the past couple of years. I didn't start as a long snapper here, but it's going to be something that I'm going to work on just to try to make myself a little more versatile."

On why he had a feeling the Broncos would draft him
"I think initially it was just a place that I wanted to go. They have a great program, a great franchise out there. I've heard nothing but great things about Coach (Mike) Shanahan. It just seemed like a great place to live and to play. When I was out there, I went and saw the AFC Championship (Game) out there, and the atmosphere was unbelievable."

On how he got tickets to the AFC Championship Game in January
"I was training down at Velocity in Denver, and my agent kind of finagled a way to get me into the game. He had a friend that played for Pittsburgh."

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