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Once again Jake Plummer finds himself the center of controversy with local authorities issuing a summons, the result of an apparent road rage incident which occured last April. Check out his side of the story as well as an in-depth look at how the Broncos fare headed into the 2006 season.

Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer said he was not at fault for an alleged road rage incident in April.

Plummer was issued a municipal summons for intent to injure and destroy property for a hit-and-run incident. Douglas Stone of Denver claimed Plummer cut him off and he honked at Plummer, who got out of his car and kicked the front of Stone's car. The police report said Plummer got back in his car and backed it into Stone's car before leaving the scene.

Plummer admitted he cut off Stone's car, but waved in his rear-view mirror to say he was sorry.

"All I heard was incessant honking and when I pulled up to the light I felt a bump on the back of my tailgate, which was very surprising," Plummer said.

Plummer said he got out of the car, saw there was no damage and drove off. Plummer later called 911 and in a police recording of the call, Plummer calmly explained that he was bumped by another driver but there was no damage.

Plummer said he did not kick Stone's car or back into it.

"From my story I just told you, I think it would probably be impossible for that to happen," Plummer said.

The police had difficulty reaching Plummer to issue the summons, which was finally issued on May 19. Plummer said he was surprised to get it.

Plummer has been involved in other incidents during his Broncos career, such as when he made an obscene gesture towards a heckling fan at Invesco Field at Mile High in 2004. Plummer said he doesn't have problems controlling his anger.

"There's no anger management problems with me," Plummer said.

--Javon Walker will wear No. 84 with the Broncos. The number, which Walker wore with the Packers, was taken by tight end Wesley Duke, but Duke gave Walker the number last week. Duke, a second-year tight end who played in NFL Europe, will wear No. 48.

--Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is one of the most active owners in the NFL, and after the league's spring meetings took place in Denver, Bowlen said he was pleased with the state of the league, a couple months after labor peace was reached.

"We're heading in the right direction, that's for sure," Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said. "I think one of the reasons Paul (Tagliabue) is comfortable retiring is he feels the league is in as good of a position as you can get it."

--One rookie who impressed the veterans in the Broncos' off-season camp is receiver Brandon Marshall from Central Florida. Marshall, who is 6-4, 230 pounds, was a fourth-round pick and he has performed well so far.

"Obviously you can prove yourself only so much in practice but he's doing well enough to catch everybody's eye," cornerback Champ Bailey said.

UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS (not tendered offers)
--S Chris Young (not tendered as RFA) was injured last season, but he was a promising player and still could return.


--WR Charlie Adams had a decent season as Denver's third receiver and will be back.
--LB Louis Green is a good special teams player who fills a role for the Broncos.

--S Sam Brandon: Potential UFA; terms unknown.
--LB Keith Burns: UFA; 1 yr, terms unknown.
--LB Patrick Chukwurah: UFA; terms unknown.
--RB Ron Dayne: UFA; 3 yrs, terms unknown.
--DE John Engelberger: Potential UFA; 3 yrs, $750,000 SB.
--LS Mike Leach: UFA; 4 yrs, terms unknown.
--OT Matt Lepsis: Potential UFA; $25M/4 yrs, SB unknown.
--DT Demetrin Veal: ERFA; terms unknown.
--DT Gerard Warren: UFA; 6 yrs, terms unknown.

--DE Kenard Lang: FA Browns; $5.9M/3 yrs, $900,000 RB; 2006 cap: $1.9M.
--CB Willie Middlebrooks: FA; terms unknown.
--WR Javon Walker: Trade Packers.
--LB Nate Webster: UFA Bengals; $1.505M/2 yrs, $200,000 SB; 2006 cap: $685,000.

--RB Mike Anderson (released).
--DE Marco Coleman (retired).
--DT Monsanto Pope: UFA Jets; $625,000/1 yr, $40,000 SB.
--DE Trevor Pryce (released).
--TE Jeb Putzier (released).

MEDICAL WATCH: No updates.

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