Denver Broncos News Blogs - Tuesday, July 25

The Denver Broncos are nearing the start of training camp on July 27. In today's news - still no sign of Ashley Lelie, Jay Cutler nears a contract agreement and the pressures on both him as well as Jake Plummer.

Cutler talks heating up - Denver Post – Bill Williamson
07/25/2006 - Bus Cook believes Jay Cutler is the future of the Broncos, and the agent also believes his client needs to be in training camp on time to start his NFL career. Yet, Cook, who spent most of Monday negotiating a deal for the 11th overall pick, also believes getting Cutler in camp on time could go down to the wire. "I believe it is going to take all of the next three days to get this done," Cook said Monday evening. "I do believe we're going to get it done. I've had good talks with the Broncos and they are good people, but this will take time. I think and hope Jay is the future quarterback of the Broncos, and we all want him in soon." The Broncos report to camp Thursday afternoon and the first practice starts at 8:30 a.m. Friday. None of Denver's draft picks had finalized deals Monday, although the team was in contact with all the agents and progress is being made in most cases.

Lelie, picks top agenda - Denver Post – Bill Williamson
07/24/2006 - While the Broncos spend the next three days working to finalize contracts with all seven of their draft picks, this week is also crucial to completing a trade of disgruntled receiver Ashley Lelie. Denver, which opens training camp practices Friday morning after Thursday's reporting date, is all but assured of starting camp without Lelie. He has stayed away from team functions this offseason. If the team deals Lelie, it could happen this week when his value may be the highest.

Lelie in a fine pickle - Rocky Mountain News – Jeff Legwold
July 25, 2006 - If receiver Ashley Lelie wants to stay away from Broncos training camp - players report Thursday for their first mandatory meeting - he will have to commit far more of his wallet to do it. That's because the price of his passion over his role in the offense just went up. Lelie's agent, Denver-based Peter Schaffer, said neither he nor Lelie "have made any decision" as to whether Lelie will arrive in Denver later this week, but the cost for Lelie to stay away has more than doubled in recent days. As part of the continued process of finalizing the league's new collective bargaining agreement, officials from the league and the NFL Players' Association quietly agreed to a new schedule of fines this past week. In exchange, according to several personnel executives, for lower fines for things such as being overweight or missing curfew, the NFLPA agreed to stiffer penalties for players under contract who are unexcused for missed days during training camp.

Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks - Denver - Andrew Mason
Tuesday, July 25, 2006 - Sometimes, you draft a player to fill a specific and immediate need. At others, the marriage of player, skill set and draft position is too serendipitous to resist, no matter what the roster seems to dictate. So it was on the last Saturday of April, when the Broncos found themselves with a chance to nab one of the three quarterbacks widely considered to be at the top of many teams' draft boards. Even though incumbent starter Jake Plummer was coming off a season that saw him added to the Pro Bowl roster in January, the Broncos knew that they couldn't afford to pass up former Vanderbilt signal-caller Jay Cutler. "This is about getting a player at a premium position," General Manager Ted Sundquist said. "Normally, to get an opportunity like this, you've got to lose 13 or 14 games."

Training Camp Preview: Wide Receivers - - J. Michael Moore
Monday, July 24, 2006 - Ironically, the hottest topic of discussion when it comes to Broncos wide receivers this offseason centers on a player who -- while still on the roster -- hasn't made an appearance for practices or workouts. Ashley Lelie officially became a holdout by missing the team's mandatory minicamp at the beginning of July. Numerous reports by local and national media have Lelie seeking a trade in hopes of becoming a No. 1 receiver somewhere else. Head Coach Mike Shanahan acknowledges the attention has been misplaced, saying he wanted to focus on the players who attended the team's minicamp.

Eyes on Cutler as camp set to open - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
July 23, 2006 — Rod Smith, still waiting to hear his name called in the NFL draft, doesn't seem impressed that the Denver Broncos traded up to the 11th overall pick in April to select the quarterback of the future. With apologies to Brian Griese and Jake Plummer, it appears that John Elway's true successor will be Jay Cutler. Right, Rod? "It's always past, present and future in this business, because somebody's on their way out and somebody's on their way in," Smith told reporters this spring during one of the Broncos' minicamps. "It's a revolving door and it's never going to stop spinning."

Broncos camp starts question-and-answer session - Arizona Tribune - Bernie Lincicome
July 23, 2006 - Gloom comes later, October at the earliest, November auspiciously, probably in Oakland, January eventually, against Indianapolis or Pittsburgh. The world for now is as cheery as it will get, just before the Denver Broncos matter again. Training camp is the NFL's refrigerator magnet season, a manageable replica of the real thing, but merely decorative and of limited use. This one ought to come with more optimism than it does, what with the Broncos measured one game short of the Super Bowl and all. It should not come with most eyes on a rookie quarterback, especially since the incumbent quarterback has just wriggled into dependable usefulness, his last game notwithstanding, and standing is the preferred position for the new Jake Plummer, rather than dashing or dipping or throwing left-handed passes.

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