Coaches Corner - Mike Shanahan

Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the media following today's morning practice. Check out the full transcripts.

Mike Shanahan On his impressions from the first practice of training camp
"We're undefeated, so we're doing good. It was a good first day, which is not surprising since we've had a number of workouts with the players this summer. I was pleased with the effort. As we all know, it's a long grind and there's a big learning curve. It's the start of many."

On rookie QB Jay Cutler
"Well, it's really not his first day. It's about his 18th day. He's getting used to the system and feeling more comfortable with it. There's a big learning curve there, and it's going to take a long time. But I'm pleased with the progress that he's made and the effort that he's given."

On whether any rookies stood out
"On the first day, certainly not with what they've done today. It's what they've done over the last 16 (or) 17 days. We've had a number of guys stand out. No one has eliminated themselves. They all look like they have a chance to make our football team, and that's what we're hoping for at this stage."

On his confidence that Cutler would sign his contract before the first practice of training camp
"I wasn't sure, but we're always pretty fair. The agent is a fair guy, so it doesn't surprise me at all. As I said from the beginning, we usually get these contracts worked out. We don't really stand on a hard stance trying to save an extra penny. We give it to the players, and hopefully they'll respond."

On WR Javon Walker
"He had a really good day. I was really pleased. He went through the whole practice, competed in all the drills and made a number of big catches, so it's a good first day for him."

More on Walker
"It was the first time he went against anybody, so it was good to see him – obviously – go full speed against some of our defensive backs and have an excellent practice."

On Walker's personality
"He's got a lot of charisma. He's very sharp, very well-liked, very polished, (and) very intelligent. As you can see, I like him."

On what he saw when he first met with Walker
"You get a feel for a player, and they get a feel for you. I was around him quite a bit and liked the way he handled himself. I was just hoping that he could get healthy, and so far (he) looks pretty good. He's worked his rear end off for the last few months and has made tremendous strides. Hopefully he can stay healthy and do what he's done in the past."

On today's practice compared to previous practices in mini camps
"To be honest with you, once the pads get on, that's the (main) difference. What we did this morning was very similar to what we've done for the last 16 (or) 17 practices. Once we get the pads on, it's the grind of two-a-days. It's the grind of camp. It's going to be tough, but it's a necessary evil of football that you've got to go through to get ready for the season."

On when the team will start practicing in pads
"This afternoon and (Saturday) morning. It happens pretty quickly, as you well remember."
On precautions due to the heat
"Just drink a lot of fluids. It's not that humid here as compared to other places, so we've got a little bit of an edge against places that I've practiced in the past. If it's 95 or 100 and the humidity is high, it's very tough. This is nothing compared to what we practiced in at Houston or where we played in Florida. Even though the temperature is a little high, I don't think that'll be a concern. We'll still emphasize the fluids and liquids, and hopefully there are no setbacks."

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