Jay Cutler - Javon Walker Press Conference

Denver's newest members, QB Jay Cutler and WR Javon Walker complete their first day of Training Camp 2006. Check out what they had to say about football in the Mile High City.

Wide Receiver Javon Walker

On his first practice of training camp
"It felt good. As a matter of fact, it went better that what I was expecting. The doctor said that the next rehab is going out there and playing, and that is what I was doing. I wasn't thinking about the knee, I wasn't thinking about cutting, I was just trying to get back to my old self and run the plays right, so it felt real good out there today. No hesitation, just getting out there and getting the middle reps. Obviously you saw me today doing everything. Now it is just about getting back to my old self and making plays."

On going against CB Champ Bailey in drills during Friday morning's practice
"That was a good first day challenge and the thing about it was that I had that ball, but him (Champ Bailey) being the veteran that he is stuck his hand in and knocked it away. Today is the first day, and it is just like one-on-ones when we were going at each other, so there will be many battles to come and that is the best thing about it. When I am going against him in practice it will make the game so much easier."

On where he stands with his knee
"I say at least 90 (percent), so that extra 10 percent is something serious and when I get it, it is going to be fun out here. Today was a good first day for me running and doing everything and I was excited. I was just out there running the routes, making sure I did everything right and that was the best part about it. They say it is a mental hurdle to get over, but as far as being out there with no contact and going against the defense I wasn't really thinking about and obviously when we put on pads it will be the same process. "

On the past few months being in Denver
"It is a great city, a great environment, and a great team and to see where this team can possibly go is really exciting. To see for myself that as long as I work and do the things that I can do, I can help this team out and the sky is the limit. That is the best part about training camp. You play your best football when you are happy, and when you are happy you are out there laughing and joking with the guys. I am happy right now. It is just like going in 2004 and 2005, I was happy and we can all see what I can do when I am happy. "

On what he has to do to improve from 90 percent to 100 percent health in his eyes
"Practicing every day. Just going through every practice, getting confident, running the routes, making plays, and that will all come with time. That 10 percent is just adjusting to everything new that is here like adapting with the guys, not going in and out of the huddle, new quarterbacks, everything that goes along with making the transition over to a new team."

On playing with QB Jake Plummer and rookie QB Jay Cutler
"It feels pretty good and obviously we will get better. It is the first day. I feel that once they know the type of player that I am, I can make plays in any situation so it is just developing the confidence."

On how he felt rookie QB Jay Cutler performed in his first practice
"He has always looked good during the last mini-camps we have had, so obviously I can get out there and get some time with him so that is pretty exciting."

Quarterback Jay Cutler

On his first practice of training camp
"It was good. It's comfortable out here. We've been doing it for a while, so it really wasn't my first day. We went over a lot of stuff that we have been going over this last month and a half."

On whether he feels like training camp is another level of intensity
"Yes, definitely. The intensity is definitely at another level. People are running around a little bit faster and things are moving. I definitely think the notch has been turned up."

On what his day was like yesterday and if he knew he was going to be here today
"In the morning we kind of had a good feeling it might be later that night, but I felt like I'd be here. My roommate (rookie TE Tony Scheffler) was here at 2 or 3, and I was just driving around until 6. I finally got over here, and we got everything worked out in a few hours."

On whether he is happy with his contract
"Yes, I'm very happy with it. It was give and take on both sides, and I feel really good about it. If I perform like I think I can perform, things will turn out well for me."

On the speed in the NFL compared to college
"You have to adjust to it. As far as setbacks, things are happening. Right now, I'm just doing a lot of thinking, so things aren't really happening naturally for me. Once I get more comfortable and learn the playbook, I can come out here and react. It's going to be fine."

More on his first day
"Just another day of football, but I get paid for it now though. It's still fun and I still enjoy it. Responsibilities are a little bit bigger on this level, but it's still football. It's still throw and catch."

On the support he receives from teammates
"Jake's (Plummer) been great here so far. He's helped me out as much as possible. I've talked to him and talked to him about contract situations. He congratulated me the other day and he helps me on the field. Everyone here has been really great in trying to help."

On the interception he threw to DT Demetrin Veal
"They brought somebody and dropped the nose tackle. The ball hit him in the stomach. That's going to happen. I'm going to throw more picks in here, and I just got to keep going."

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