Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan 7/31/06

The Broncos broke out the full pads today in a grueling two and-a-half hour morning session, followed by a special teams only afternoon session. Check out Mike Shanahan's take on how the team has progressed to this point.

On the missed field goal by training camp guest writer/kicker Stefan Fatsis "When he writes that book, he's going to know what it's like for a field goal kicker to kick during a game."

On the stakes of the kick "A half hour, so there was a little peer pressure. A half hour off meeting time tonight. We were going to let them off at 9:30 p.m. or a quarter to 10 p.m., so he had a lot of pressure riding on him."

On whether Fatsis choked
"No, he didn't choke. What was great about that is that since he's been around, he understands what a kicker has to go through when you miss a kick during a game. You're by yourself, and nobody talks to you for about a week until the next game."

On practicing in full pads for the first time in the morning
"We have shoulder pads or pads on our knees, and it's the same type of practice. I like to get them in full pads for at least two days during camp to kind of get a feel for game day. I was pleased. We did some good things. We did some poor things. We've got to demand perfection from each other. It wasn't a perfect practice, but that's why we're practicing."

On WR Javon Walker
"We knew who we were getting. It's not like it's a surprise. We're just hoping that he stays healthy. As you could see, he made a couple big plays today, which is always nice to see. When that ball's in the air, he believes it's his. The great ones believe that every time that ball's in the air, they should have it. Obviously, he felt that way today."

On rookie DL Elvis Dumervil
"Even though he's not very tall, he's got long arms so he's got good leverage. He's very quick, and he's been pretty impressive thus far."

On whether Fatsis would get a second chance
"I don't know. We don't give a lot of people second chances, but I'm thinking about it. We'll have to ask the team today and see how they feel. It's going to be easier to write that book – ‘Now I know how those kickers feel.' I think a half hour in a meeting is sometimes more pressure than what you have to go through in a preseason game."

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