Darrent Williams Press Conference

Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams took time to speak with the media today, addressing such topics as his sore ankle, the apparence of a former rival at Dove Valley and what it's like playing alongside John Lynch and Champ Bailey. Check out the full transcript.

Darrent Williams

On how much of playing cornerback is about timing
"This game on this level is a lot about timing. In most of the offense's routes, the receivers read the defense and it's all about timing. Being a defensive player, if you don't time it right and you make a break on the ball one second late, the game goes wrong."

On his view of the Broncos' offense
"They look good. I think they're probably one of the best offenses, top five for sure in this league. They make us look better and we feel like we're one of the best defenses like we were last year. We feel like we're better this year, and they feel like they have to start making plays against us. We kind of see what kind of offense we have and they are going to be one of the best offenses in the league this year."

On his comfort level going into his second year
"I'm extremely comfortable. A lot of things slowed down for me, and I'm not in such a hurry anymore. I know the defense, so now I can really relax and use my athletic ability and my God-given talent to make good plays."

On his previously tweaked ankle
"It was sore and it hurt a little bit, but like coach (Shanahan) says, ‘you kind of just got to come out here and fight through it.' I want to come out here and get better, and I know during the season I probably will have injuries and things like that. It's like what Champ (Bailey) had last year with his shoulder and hamstring and stuff like that. You just have to come out here and fight through it."

On how the game has slowed down for him
"Because guys are so fast and last year I caught myself in such a hurry. Like on the three-step drop, I'd be running outside too fast and a guy would do a three or a five-yard route and I'm 10 yards down the field. Things of that nature slowed down for me. I can read the quarterback more and read the football better."

On the potential of starting opposite CB Champ Bailey and seeing more action
"I should see a lot of action. Last year a saw a lot of action. Champ (Bailey) had the most picks he has ever had in his career last year and Fox (cornerback Dominique Foxworth) and I say that is because of him and I. They couldn't just pick on our side, they had to throw to his. We know we are going to get checked on a lot early. We learn a lot from Champ (Bailey) and a lot of the other vets on our team. We are ready to make some plays this year."

On the support from teammates S John Lynch and CB Champ Bailey
"Just watching those guys, who have been to numerous Pro Bowls and are probably going to go to the Hall of Fame after their career, they come out here and work hard every day. With players like that, I try to give the same attitude. Like Champ (Bailey) told me when I first came in here, he had Green and Deion Sanders he played with at Washington (Redskins). He learned from those guys, and I'm learning from him and John Lynch the same way he learned from those guys in Washington."

On playing at Oklahoma State in college and seeing University of Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops at practice Tuesday morning
"It was cool. I like Oklahoma. When I was in high school, I used to follow Oklahoma, they were one of my favorite teams. Of course, I did go to Oklahoma State so there is a rivalry and we'll have to change that quick. I feel coach (Bob) Stoops is a great coach in Oklahoma, and he has a great football program."

On being a starting cornerback and still playing special teams
"I've always idolized Deion Sanders, but obviously there is going to be time when I'm tired and I'm going to have to take a rest. For the most part, I want to be a full-time corner and a full-time kick returner."

On how many touchdowns he predicts he will score this year
"I predicted three last year and I got in once so, I've got to say four. So, I think I'm going to get in about four times."

On going up against WR Rod Smith and WR Javon Walker in practice
"If we take a play off those guys, they are going to embarrass you by making something happen and then you're going to have the coaches riding you. You have to come out there every play, and that is really getting us ready for the game. In this league, you have to take everybody seriously because even a guy that you don't expect to make a play on you can make a play and it could be a play to win or lose a game. Playing every play keeps us ready for game type situations. We take it one play at a time because guys are going to make plays, but you've got to come back that next play and try to make a play the next time."

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