Coaches Corner - Mike Shanahan 8/5/06

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the media following today's morning session. Check out the full transcripts.

Mike Shanahan

On the status of DT Gerard Warren
"He dislocated his toe, and it'll be anywhere from two-four weeks or something like that (time missed due to the injury). You just want to make sure it's healed before you start working and it lingers throughout the season. That's the doctor's estimate at this time. A dislocation is obviously bad, but if you fracture it, you'll be out for the season."

On if he was happy with aggressiveness at practice today
"Yeah, we had some good work today and any time you go for nine days, these guys are tired and you like to see what they can do when they are tired and they are pretty sore and their legs are gone. I was pleased with the way they fought through it, and that's just the nature of going through these two-a-days, which are some of the things you have to go through. Overall, I think we have had a good nine days and they deserve a day's rest. We'll meet tomorrow evening and get ready to go on Monday."

On what type of impact the loss of DT Gerard Warren will have on the preseason
"Well, I‘m not worried about the preseason. Gerard's an experienced guy and you always like to keep your guys healthy and there's nothing like playing in game situations. Hopefully, Gerard will be ready for the season."

On WR David Kircus
"David is having a good camp. He's got great speed and he's picking up the offense. We've been through the installation about four times so next week we will get ready for Detroit (Lions) and just kind of go through our practices. We won't throw the kitchen sink at them, so they will be able to relax and kind of concentrate on the plays at hand. I think it will just keep getting better and better."

On DE Courtney Brown
"He's just got a little inflammation there (knee) and we don't want to put him out there too quick. We'll see how he does day-by-day."

On whether DE Courtney Brown will play in the preseason game at Detroit on Friday
"It all depends on what happens this week."

On QB Jay Cutler's progression during training camp
"He's very sharp. He picks things up quickly and it's not his first week. This is the fourth time he's been through it. He picks it up as quickly as anyone. He's very, very sharp, very accustomed to the passing game and very impressive to where he is at this time."

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