Jay Cutler - Press Conference 8/5/06

Rookie quarterback Jay Cutler spoke to the media following this morning's first practice session. Check out the full transcripts.

Jay Cutler

On his progress thus far in training camp
"I feel pretty good. We have been doing some two-minute stuff, which is a little different. We've been putting some combinations and stuff together when we are out there by ourselves. Other than that, seven-on-seven and the running game, everything's been pretty good so far."

On whether moving up the depth chart is one of his goals
"No, I am not worried about it at all. We are all getting reps out there. Jake is getting a few more. Me, Bradlee (Van Pelt), and Preston (Parsons) are all mixing in there. What ever happens, happens."

On the advice Head Coach Mike Shanahan is giving him on tight throws
"They do not want to take some of that stuff away from me. I am going to try and sneak some balls in there when I can. I think that I have done a good job of checking down and not forcing things. There are definitely times where I see something and I am going to try and stick it in there."

On the connection between him and the receivers
"These guys are tired out here. We all feel for them because they have had nine straight days of running. They are doing a great job for us right now."

On what he is going to do with his day off
"Maybe go and buy some furniture, maybe a couple beds, couch, and maybe a couple end tables. I will probably go to dinner, and after that I don't know what is going to happen."

On whether he is feeling like he is taking something off his throws because of his strong arm
"Not really. On some of the deeper stuff maybe, but the daggers and the comebacks I am still firing them. We are not throwing a whole lot, and my arm feels great."

On the speed of playing in the SEC at Vanderbilt
"I am seeing a lot. I am seeing defenses and coverages, rolls and blitzes. I am seeing all of that fine right now. The speed of the SEC is pretty quick, but obviously this is a step quicker. I think playing in the SEC and in those atmospheres and against those defenses really helped."

On his grasp of the offense
"I feel really good about it right now. The only problem right now is just the two-minute drills because we have to put stuff together out there on our own. When we are in team and in seven-on-seven and on our run plays and things, I feel fine."

On what he wants to improve upon in week two
"Our run checks. I think our running game is almost as complicated as our passing game, maybe even more complicated. I have just been concentrating on getting our run checks down and what we want to do in different situations."

On whether the game is slowing down for him
"It is definitely slowing down. I am starting to see things right before the snap. I have been seeing rolls and where everyone is going. It is taking time, but it is coming."

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