Schon: Rumors, Rants & Raves 8/7/06

The Pittsburgh Steelers have another motorcycle problem, Bob Griese swallows his foot and Bill Parcells drops some dead weight.

What is it with motorcycles and the Pittsburgh Steelers?

First Big Ben takes a face plant into an oncoming car and now tackle Barrett Brooks decides to play Evel Knievel and try and outrun police in an early morning downtown chase.

According to Sgt. Dennis Washington, police first noticed Brooks when he began circling a squad car, challenging officers to try and arrest him. Police gave chase and to his credit, the twelve-year veteran eluded cops for nearly five-minutes before dumping his bike at an intersection, where he was promptly arrested.

Charges include fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, driving at an unsafe speed and failing to wear a helmet. Strangest part is the fact that the thirty-four year old offensive lineman was legally sober when the meltdown occurred.

Figure that one out……

The Denver Broncos will be searching for a new touchdown anthem for the 2006 season after agreeing to a request from the NFL to replace the infamous Gary Glitter tune "Rock & Roll - Part II," otherwise known as the "Hey Song," that they've used for the past several years.

It seems the league didn't take it too kindly when the aging rocker was hit with child molestation charges this year in Vietnam.

Chicago Bears backup quarterback Brian Griese has said some pretty boneheaded things during his nine-years in the league, but none as puzzling as that of his father, Hall of Famer Bob Griese.

In an interview currently running on the NFL Network, the former Miami Dolphin quarterback is seen giving props to the hall's newest inductee – Warren Moon - reminiscing about the days when he played against Moon when the youngster was quarterbacking the Houston Oilers. Later, Griese goes on to claim that "He was more a contemporary of mine."

Maybe someone could suggest that Griese check his own bio, which shows a thirteen-year career span from 1967 to 1980.

He may also want to check Moon's bio, a sixteen-year NFL career which began exactly four-years after Bob Griese's retirement.

Despite the fact he's got Terrell Owens on the sidelines milking a sore hamstring, Dallas head coach Bill Parcells lowered the gauntlet for several players this week, vowing not to keep the "dead weight" around too long.

Evidently they must be hiding the mirrors and the press photos at Cowboys camp this year. Parcells is giving Eagles coach Andy Reed a run for his money in the dead weight department.

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