Coaches Corner - Mike Shanahan 8/7/06

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan discusses today's moves on the depth chart as well as this friday's opening preseason game against Detroit. Check out the full transcripts in today's Coaches Corner.

Mike Shanahan

On if rookie RB Mike Bell is first on the depth chart
"We set the depth chart last night, and we moved Mike (Bell) up to first, Tatum (Bell) to second and Ron (Dayne) to third and that was just based on the last 25 practices. It was very close, and it could change day by day, week by week, but we felt that Mike deserves a chance to work with the first team and to take a look-see if we can keep him."

On rookie RB Mike Bell starting Friday's game against Detroit
"He has really been impressive and hopefully he can do it in game situations. You never know if a guy can do it live, but with their shoulder pads on and with what we have done thus far, he can really run the ball. He can run the ball very well and now we can get a chance to see if he can block and do the other things that you ask running backs to do; blitz pick ups, all the different adjustments and snap counts that you have to do once the season occurs."

On what RB Tatum Bell and RB Ron Dayne have to do to move up the depth chart
"It is like anything. You have to be better than the other guy. It is not very complex. We are going to play the best players and they will be evaluated on a day-to-day basis. We have some great competition there and like I said, it is very, very close."

On whether RB Ron Dayne has disappointed him
"I don't know if you can call it disappointment. We have a lot of confidence in Ron Dayne; obviously, we put him (Mike Bell) first on the depth chart. When you evaluate everybody, like we do, especially over those eight or nine days of camp and we feel a guy deserves that position, we move him up and see what he does with it."

On where rookie QB Jay Cutler stands in the depth chart
"I moved Jay (Cutler) to the second unit. It will give him some reps with the second unit and the chance to compete with the first unit on a day-to-day basis. He has picked up things very quickly. He has thrown the ball extremely well. I know mainly, as far as quarterbacks are concerned, we thought he would deserve a chance to compete with the second unit."

On the status of the defensive linemen
"Well, we have a couple of guys banged up. Hopefully we don't lose anymore but we always have enough, they do not call these games. Someone will show up."

On how many series rookie QB Jay Cutler will play in Detroit
"Well, we will go through that later on in the week. We haven't gotten our game plan, but what we have done in the past will be very similar to that."

On if there are any other surprises on the depth chart
"Not today, no."

On who the first string wide receivers are
"Javon (Walker) and Rod Smith. Rod is still hampered a little by the hamstring. He came out here in pads and he went in the weight room and said it was just a little tight. So he got some conditioning in the weight room. He worked out a little bit, and if it is tight you don't want to push it. Javon (Walker) is just a little sore today. He was tight so we kept him out but I don't think it is anything that will keep these guys out for long. Both guys, considering their injuries, will be held out against Detroit."

On if they have decided who the number three wide receiver is
"No, not really. We have a lot of guys in competition at that position, we have a lot of depth at that position but someone will emerge. Right now I can't tell you for sure."

On if this is the most competition he has ever had with the running backs
"No, not really. Every year it has been really competitive. This is a little unusual to have an undrafted guy come in and obviously earn the starting position after nine days or eight days. That is a little unusual."

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