Coaches Corner - Mike Shanahan 8/10/06

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan gears up for the first preseason game of 2006. Check out the full transcripts from today's morning session.

Mike Shanahan

On whether he is eager to see his players compete on Friday at Detroit
"I think that everybody looks forward to this exhibition game. You get a chance to see your veterans and how they fare against number ones for 12 plays, and you always want to play well. You get a chance to look at your backups and see how they compete against one another in game situations. You can practice all you want, but you have to look forward to these games."

On the intensity level during the third and fourth quarter of preseason
"I am hoping (that time) is just as intense. That is why you practice and that is why you get better. Your bottom line is always to win even if it is at the expense of the opportunity to evaluate your players and still have a substitution plan. Even during the season when a guy goes down, another guy is going to have to step up and play. You are one play away from being a starter, and we have to look at the exhibition games the same way. You have the starters go 10-to-12 plays, and after that a lot of these guys here will be ready to step out and play."

On players who don't stand out in practice but have success during preseason games
"That is very seldom. Every once in awhile a guy will really stand out, someone who hasn't practiced that consistently, but that is very unusual. Usually, the guys that do it during practice do it during the games. Sometimes you get guys that go in there and practice, but then the game gets too big. They lose their focus and concentration, and then they don't play like they do in practice. Both of those are the extremes."

On WR Todd Devoe being one of the guys who didn't stand out in practice but played well in the preseason last year
"You never know about special teams or how guys are going to go out there and compete. Special teams never gets going full speed because of the injury factor. Special teams is something that really stands out on the 45-man squad on game day. It is usually the difference between winning and losing. "

On when he is hoping to have DE Courtney Brown back
"The first (regular-season) game. He had a scope (knee) and the scope went well, and the main thing is to wait until his body is up. Usually, the scope can be between one week or two weeks or three weeks. We have four weeks, and I feel pretty good that he should be able to come back if there are no set backs. We will keep our fingers crossed."

On DE Courtney Brown missing camp but having veteran experience
"Courtney has been here through all the OTA days, and it is not like he missed camp. He had three weeks of good repetition. Obviously, with his experience, it makes us feel pretty good. I do want him to get back into football shape."

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