Denver Broncos News Blogs - Saturday, Aug. 19

The Charlie Adams trade with Dallas falls through, Training Camp 2006 ends on a high note and Jake Plummer discusses the competition at quarterback. Check out all the latest news gathered from around the web, in today's Broncos News Blogs.

Broncos Walker knows the heat is on- Rocky Mountain News – Clay Latimer
8/19/06 – It was pushing 90 degrees in upstate New York. Baseball practice was dragging on into late afternoon. There wasn't really time for dinner, and he had another game in a few hours. Yeah, it was a typical day for Javon Walker, which is why he was feeling as empty as the stands in that small-town ballpark a thousand miles from his home. Trapped?

Krieger: For Smith, it's all about effort, wins- Rocky Mountain News – Dave Krieger
8/19/06 – You won't find a lot of 36-year-old starting wide receivers in the NFL, but I don't suggest you mention this to Rod Smith. "Only people that bring it up is you, you and your crew," he told me the other day when I asked if his window was closing.

Plummer preparing in peace- Rocky Mountain News – Jeff Legwold
8/19/06 – He is a quarterback the Broncos are excited about. One who, by all accounts, has had a quality training camp, one who carries a heavy load of expectations on his shoulders. Oh, and he's the starter. He's Jake Plummer.

Dumervil being tested - Rocky Mountain News – Jeff Legwold
8/19/06 – As the Broncos continue to try to work through the combinations in their defensive front, it is rookie Elvis Dumervil who has done the most moving. Dumervil, the only defensive player among the Broncos' seven draft picks in April, is expected to play defensive end for the most part against the Tennessee Titans tonight at Invesco Field.

Broncos are happy campers- Denver Post – Mike Klis
8/18/06 – As the double-horn blared this morning at Dove Valley, the 12th training camp led by Mike Shanahan was complete. To date, Shanahan has coached the Broncos to more Super Bowl titles (two) than losing seasons (one). Counting playoffs, Shanahan has averaged a tick more than 11 wins in his 11 previous seasons.

Adams trade with Cowboys falls through- Denver Post – Staff
8/18/06– Charlie Adams isn't going to be a Cowboy after all. The Broncos announced today that Adams, a wide receiver, failed his physical with Dallas today and is back on the Denver roster. Adams had been traded by the Broncos on Thursday for an undisclosed pick in the 2007 draft.

Show & tell - Denver Post – Mike Klis
8/17/06 – The NFL draft was a good dinner and a restless night's sleep away from starting. Having intensely mulled over all his options, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan had settled on two certainties. One, his Broncos were likely to draft one of three highly regarded quarterbacks. Two, Shanahan had no idea what these quarterbacks were like personally.

Dove Valley Days: Aug. 17 - Denver Post – Mike Klis
08/17/2006 - The natives got restless on what was essentially the final day of training camp. After a special teams play in the middle of practice, receiver David Kircus and cornerback Domonique Foxworth started to throw blows and push at each other. They had to be separated. Foxworth was still trying to get to Kircus while he was being restrained. It was the first full-fledged fight of camp. After the fight, coach Mike Shanahan called the team in a huddle and then told the defense it had a 15-yard penalty for the incident.

Local TV camera ban starts this week - Denver Post – Dick Kreck
08/17/2006 - It's a battle of heavyweights: local television versus the NFL. When NFL owners voted 32-0 in March to limit sideline access for local TV photographers during games, stations - particularly in Denver where the Broncos are top-line news - cried foul. Saturday's preseason game against the Tennessee Titans will mark the first time in the Broncos' 46-year history that local TV won't been allowed to shoot a home game from the sidelines.

Bailey quick with why he's "pro's pro" - Denver Post – Mike Klis
08/17/2006 - Long before he taught Broncos rookie quarterback Jay Cutler a lesson about the dangers of indecision Wednesday, Champ Bailey already had caught the attention of veteran John Lynch. There was no good reason for Lynch to observe the slender cornerback. Lynch had just completed his eighth year at safety for Tampa Bay when he happened upon Bailey, then in his second season as a Washington Redskins cornerback, at the 2000 Pro Bowl. There was nothing in the island breezes indicating Lynch and Bailey would change conferences, much less wind up playing on the same team three years later.

Krieger: Bailey keeps showing why he's Champ - Rocky Mountain News– Dave Krieger
August 17, 2006 - A roar rose from the crowd sunning itself outside the ropes, as it does at least a dozen times a morning at Dove Valley. Instead of dissipating in a few last ooohs and aaahs, as most of them do, this one grew, rising in pitch, as if the best float in the parade was coming down the street. You didn't even have to look up to have a pretty good idea what it was. Roland Bailey was taking another one the other way. Everybody else's great plays produce a staccato cheer - great catch, great deflection, great whatever. It happens and it's over.

Scheffler now getting used to catching grief - Rocky Mountain News– Pat Rooney
August 17, 2006 - Tim Brewster never stops hounding Tony Scheffler, practically becoming his second shadow. Broncos practice Wednesday typified life as an NFL rookie, an experience Scheffler finds draining and exhilarating. Scheffler, a prolific pass catcher in college, quickly is learning that playing tight end in the NFL means a lot more than running down the middle of the field hoping your quarterback will lay the ball perfectly in the seam. In the NFL, playing tight end also means blocking and preserving your team's possession of the ball. Every time Scheffler wanes in these areas, Brewster, the Broncos tight ends coach, is right there to reiterate those points in that raging- but-reaffirming style only a coach can perfect.

Undrafted players looking for ways to win spot on Broncos roster - Rocky Mountain News– Jeff Legwold
August 17, 2006 - Sometimes the question just hangs there, waiting for an answer that might never come. Why wasn't Broncos linebacker Cameron Vaughn drafted in April? The free agent, snared before the Cowboys and Vikings signed him, can only wonder. Especially after the three-year starter at Louisiana State was told by plenty of folks before the draft he wouldn't wait past the fifth round to hear his name called. "But you just kind of have to roll with it," Vaughn said. "On draft day, I kind of expected to be a fourth-, fifth-rounder, but whatever, I've got my foot in the door now. And being mad about the other stuff isn't going to help me get through the door. And that's what I'm about right now - getting through that door."

Terrell runs pattern and into 8-year-old - Rocky Mountain News– Jeff Legwold
August 17, 2006 - A Littleton family got a scare Wednesday afternoon when Broncos wide receiver David Terrell, trying to haul in a pass along the sideline during a team drill, ran into 8-year-old Allison Sheehan. Sheehan was knocked to the ground, and after she initially was looked at by the Broncos trainers, as well as a paramedic, she walked to another spot to watch the remainder of practice with her family. "It was really scary," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said. "David Terrell ran a fade route over in the end zone and just kind of swiped her off her feet. She got up, she thought she might be hurt, but it looks like she'll be all right."

Terrell runs pattern and into 8-year-old - – Andrew Mason
Thursday, August 17, 2006 - For all intents and purposes, training camp ended this morning -- and it concluded with a wallop. The last play was a 60-yard pass from Bradlee Van Pelt to Darius Watts up the right sideline, beating coverage from Tyler Everett and Hamza Abdullah to give the crowd one last chance to roar before the double-horn sounded at the end of practice. But what had onlookers buzzing was the donnybrook that erupted among David Kircus and Domonique Foxworth during punt-return drills midway through the practice.

Broncos Trade Adams to Cowboys - – Andrew Mason
Thursday, August 17, 2006 - Charlie Adams is on the move. After a training camp that saw him drop to the fifth team after serving as the team's No. 3 wide receiver for much of 2005, the Broncos dealt him to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for an undisclosed draft choice Thursday. Adams started two games and played in all 18 regular- and postseason contests last year. he finished the regular season with 21 receptions for 203 yards and no touchdowns, while adding another 133 yards on 16 punt returns and 218 yards on 10 kickoff runbacks.

Veal Cuts Into First Team - – Don Schwartz
Wednesday, August 16, 2006 - An NFL player knows to answer when opportunity comes knocking on his door. For defensive tackle Demetrin Veal, his call came from the toe of teammate Gerard Warren. When Warren dislocated his left big toe in practice, it created a chance for Veal to get more time with the first team defense as it prepares for the season opener at St. Louis Sept. 10. Though Veal had already made a positive impression among the coaching staff with his hard work and dedication, Warren's injury nine days into training camp thrust the second-team player into the spotlight.

Turf toe sidelines RB Dayne - Denver Post – Bill Williamson
08/16/2006 - Ron Dayne's frustrating training camp has taken yet another tough turn. Dayne, who entered training camp as the No. 1 tailback, has a lingering turf toe injury that will keep him out of Saturday night's preseason game against Tennessee at Invesco Field at Mile High. Coach Mike Shanahan said the injury is not serious and, if this were a regular-season game, Dayne would be able to play.

Dove Valley Days, Aug. 15 - Denver Post – Mike Klis
08/15/2006 - It couldn't have been a coincidence. Broncos defensive coordinator Larry Coyer had been critical of his team's poor tackling during the preseason opener Friday at Detroit. Action was taken in the morning workout session as there was some serious shoulder popping. Usually, defensive players will touch the ball carrier before letting him finish the play. Today, defenders were leading with their shoulder pads, wrapping up with their arms and bringing the ball carrier to a complete stop. On one play, 5-foot-8 cornerback Darrent Williams out-and-out tackled running back Tatum Bell. Funny how much better a defense looks when it's allowed to pop.

Sending a clear signal - Denver Post – Terry Frei
08/15/2006 - A couple of days ago, if Bradlee Van Pelt had been silly enough to ask me what I thought, I would have told him that his determination to play quarterback was admirable, but no longer practical - and that it was time to walk up to Mike Shanahan and say he would like to try making the Broncos as a safety. Now, after spending a morning at Dove Valley, I'm not as adamant. Van Pelt convinced me that he is more determined than ever to play - really play - quarterback in the NFL.

Lelie's income taking big hit - Denver Post – Mike Klis
08/15/2006 - Remember the good ol' days when athletes said they'd play for free? Ashley Lelie is closing in on going back in time. Let's do some math for the disgruntled Broncos wide receiver. Lelie was supposed to receive $800,000 this year - $700,000 in salary and $100,000 for an offseason workout bonus. Hoping to force a trade, Lelie did not participate in the team's offseason program, surrendering his bonus and leaving him with $700,000. Continuing, he had accumulated $263,000 in fines through Monday for missing minicamp in early July and the ongoing training camp. That dropped his gross income to $437,000. Hold out three more days and Lelie will have forfeited more than half his potential 2006 income.

Time to talk turnovers - Denver Post – Bill Williamson
08/15/2006 - Mike Bell had the same message whether he was approached 10 minutes after the Broncos' preseason opener Friday night at Detroit or on Monday morning. "I will not fumble again," said the undrafted rookie tailback from Arizona. "It is unacceptable. It won't happen again. It can't happen again." Bell clearly digested his coach's point of emphasis. Mike Shanahan and his staff hope everybody caught on as quickly as Bell, who fumbled away a solid drive on the only possession for the Broncos' starting offense. The major negatives in the Broncos' 20-13 loss to the Lions at Ford Field were three turnovers by the offense. In 2005, Denver committed only 16 turnovers during a 13-3 regular season.

Lang planning to feast on quarterbacks - Rocky Mountain News – Jeff Legwold
August 15, 2006 - Kenard Lang is aware of all the hand-wringing around the Broncos nation about how, exactly, the Denver defense will get to opposing quarterbacks this season. He has heard all the chatter about age and injuries. "But that's all 'he said, she said,' you know," Lang said. "I'll tell you this: I'm back at defensive end, I love the group of guys I'm with, and I'm with a team that has a chance at the Super Bowl. "Man, I'll do whatever they want me to do just as hard as I can do it. If you're used to eating Spam for these past four years - Spam, Spam, Spam, you know what I mean? - and then you have a chance to eat some steak and some lobster, some filet mignon, you're going to do everything you can to stay that way. I'll do whatever I can to make sure we get to the quarterback."

Krieger: Coyer urges Broncos to 'correctify' tackling - Rocky Mountain News – Dave Krieger
June 1, 2006 - Larry Coyer has this picture in his head of the Broncos defense as the Buccaneers of 2002 or the Ravens of 2000. In other words, the best NFL defenses in a generation. They are also defenses that dragged slightly disabled offenses to Super Bowl victory, which is not quite the Broncos' blueprint. But if the offense isn't comparable, neither is the defense, which is why Coyer was stomping around the practice field Monday morning, shouting at his charges to hit somebody. Preseason games don't matter, but the first one is all the evidence he has. The Detroit Lions averaged 4.9 yards per carry.

Healthy Carswell certain he's not done - Rocky Mountain News – Lee Rasizer
August 15, 2006 - A brush with death has given Dwayne Carswell a new perspective on life. So much so, he's actually enjoying two-a-days for the first time in his 13 NFL seasons. "You know what? I guess you can say that," Carswell said with a chuckle. "I like mixing it up and getting back to the contact of football, so it's been real good for me." Carswell appears to have fully recovered from a serious auto accident last October during which he incurred massive internal injuries. He reported to Denver Broncos training camp at 292 pounds, four below his set weight, and has been participating in all drills. The player's next, more mundane, battle involves keeping his roster spot as a reserve offensive lineman. One teammate warned against counting him out.

Broncos praise retiring Seau - Rocky Mountain News – Jeff Legwold And Lee Rasizer
August 15, 2006 - Broncos coach Mike Shanahan saw plenty of former Chargers linebacker Junior Seau's career in the AFC West and believes the 16-year veteran will end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame someday. Seau formally announced his retirement Monday at the Chargers complex. The linebacker played 13 seasons in San Diego and the past three years with the Miami Dolphins. "And that guy was so good I didn't even like to look at speed limit signs," Shanahan said. "I'd see that 55 and get nervous just driving down the highway thinking of him. He's a Hall of Fame player; (we) had a lot of great games against him throughout the years. He'd definitely keep you up late at night. Just a relentless player."

Dove Valley Dispatches - – Andrew Mason
Tuesday, August 15, 2006 After fumbling Friday night at Detroit, Mike Bell returned to practice this week with a singular emphasis -- keeping possession of the football. But that made this week no different than any other for the rookie running back. "(The coaches) stress it all the time," Bell said. "It wasn't like I had a problem with it in practice, it was just a freak accident in the game. They stepped it up a little bit, but since I've been here, they've done a good job of working at it." Supplementing the effort was a defense that emerged Tuesday morning with a little extra aggression, repeatedly trying to strip the ball away from Bell and the other runners.

Day 15 Report: Coyer Wants More - – Andrew Mason
Monday, August 14, 2006 - The shoulder pads were on, the tempo of practice was brisk, and what defensive coordinator Larry Coyer wanted to see more than anything else Monday morning was better tackling from his defense than he saw Friday night at Detroit. That night's effort -- which saw the Broncos permit the Lions to convert four of their first five third-down attempts en route to 10 early points -- still rankled Coyer three days later. "It's embarrassing," Coyer said. "We had a quarterback scramble against max coverage twice. We would have been 70 percent on third down (but) we let the quarterback run. We would have gave them 50 yards rushing if we had tackled. We didn't tackle, so it's not good. It's the basic fundamentals of football. You've got to tackle."

CBS4 Broncos Training Camp Report: Aug. 14 - CBS4 – Gary Miller
Aug 14, 2006 - The Denver Broncos returned to the practice field Monday morning with their first string offense intact, CBS4 Broncos Insider Gary Miller reports. Rod Smith practiced for the second straight day after missing a week with a strained hamstring. Javon Walker, who like Smith didn't play in Detroit, will join Smith in the starting lineup Saturday night against the Tennessee Titans at Invesco Field at Mile High.

Marshall needs time for knee injury to mend - Denver Post – Bill Williamson
08/14/2006 - Brandon Marshall will be out two to three weeks. Brandon Marshall's rapid rise up the Broncos' depth chart at wide receiver has taken a temporary hiatus. An MRI showed the rookie from Central Florida has a slight tear of the posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Coach Mike Shanahan said Marshall, a fourth-round draft pick, will be out two to three weeks. Shanahan said he is hopeful Marshall will be able to play in the Broncos' preseason finale, Aug. 31 at Arizona. Marshall, a starter against Detroit on Friday night because of injuries to Rod Smith and Javon Walker, got hurt in the second quarter. He had one catch for 9 yards. Marshall has been competing with Darius Watts to be the No. 3 receiver.

Smith, Walker ready to receive - Denver Post – Mike Klis
08/14/2006 - Javon Walker and Rod Smith know when to make an appearance. And the city of Detroit, where the Lions play on artificial turf, wasn't it. Coming Saturday to a stadium near you: "The Receivers." Having missed the Broncos' preseason opener Friday night at Detroit's Ford Field as a precaution to injuries, Walker and Smith will make their 2006 debuts Saturday night in Denver's preseason home opener at Invesco Field at Mile High against the Tennessee Titans. "I'm ready to get out there and team up with Rod," Walker said. "We're always talking to each other, trying to get a feel for one another how we're going to work together. It will be good to get out there and play together."

Bell grasps his situation - Rocky Mountain News – Jeff Legwold
August 14, 2006 - This whole living-a-dream thing certainly takes a lot out of a guy. Just ask Mike Bell. "I was shocked," the Broncos rookie running back said. "I felt like I played a whole game and I was only out there 13 plays. But I think it was so much more mental than physical. "I sat there (Saturday) and I was so drained. I feel like now, with that first game out of the way, I can kind of go out now and just play football. There was a lot to think about last week, some things that I never, ever expected to have to be thinking about so fast. But you adjust and you go on."

Marshall's plan: rest knee, get back with troops - Rocky Mountain News – Lee Rasizer
August 14, 2006 - Brandon Marshall maintained Sunday that in his entire career as a football player, he had never missed a practice, much less a game. Since the Broncos rookie receiver made this declaration while standing on crutches, with a bandage tightly wrapped around his right knee, and just minutes before his teammates took the field for a workout, no less, it's safe to say that streak is over. Marshall, one of the Broncos' biggest surprises during training camp, who was pushing for the No. 3 job at wide receiver, probably will miss about two weeks. Coach Mike Shanahan described the ailment as a slight tear of the posterior cruciate ligament.

Walker's preseason debut will be measuring stick - Rocky Mountain News – Lee Rasizer
August 14, 2006 - It's all systems go for Javon Walker. The Broncos' top offseason acquisition will make his debut Saturday night against the Tennessee Titans. It will be Walker's first on-field performance since he tore his right anterior cruciate ligament while playing for the Green Bay Packers on Sept. 11. "It's going to be real exciting," Walker said after Sunday's afternoon workout. "It's almost a year since the injury, so to get out there and get ready to go against somebody other than the defense here and get some confidence back, playing the game is going to be real good for me."

Marshall's bid for No. 3 on hold - Loveland Reporter-Herald – Bill Wilson
8/14/2006 — Rookie Brandon Marshall's exciting start for the Denver Broncos has hit its first major obstacle. Coach Mike Shanahan said Sunday that Marshall, who was making a strong case for the Broncos' No. 3 receiver spot, will miss two weeks with a slight tear in the posterior cruciate ligament of his right knee. Marshall caught one pass for nine yards Friday against Detroit before suffering the injury. He left the team's practice facility Sunday on crutches. "You don't worry about the things that you have no control over," Shanahan said. "He is going to have to work his hardest to get back in shape." At 6 feet, 4 inches and 222 pounds, Marshall had begun to establish himself as a physical, tough-yards receiver with excellent hands. Shanahan said he felt Marshall has developed a "good feel" for the Broncos' system with his participation so far in camp.

Camp Day 14: A Lesson Learned - – Andrew Mason
Like 7, Like Son - Denver Post – Neil Devlin
08/13/2006 - He wears No. 7. Of course. He gave serious consideration to selecting another jersey number and playing linebacker instead of quarterback. But John Albert Elway III is not sidestepping the shadow cast by his NFL Hall of Fame father. On the eve of opening practice for the state's 86th high-school football season, the blond-haired kid Coloradans watched grow up through Broncos training camps, in sideline shots and on the podium next to his father after two Super Bowl victories is battling to become the starting varsity quarterback at longtime power Cherry Creek.

Cutler's debut is buzz worthy - Longmont Daily Times-Call – Bill Wilson
8/13/2006 — Of the few memorable images coming out of Detroit on Friday, one will leave Denver Broncos fans glued to the water cooler this week. Midway through the third quarter of the Broncos' 20-13 loss to the Lions, rookie quarterback Jay Cutler gave the first indication of why the Broncos traded up four picks to grab him in the first round this spring. Cutler dropped back and spotted receiver David Kircus, who had found a seam down the sideline in the Lions zone. Cutler calmly hesitated to give Kircus time to get downfield, and threw a perfect 26-yard strike for the Broncos only touchdown of the night.

Denver's rookies off to good start - Denver Post – Bill Willimson
8/13/06 – As the Broncos' first preseason game approached, general manager Ted Sundquist admitted his anticipation was mounting. He couldn't wait to get a look at the Broncos' rookies. For a team that went 13-3 in 2005 and stayed relatively pat in the veteran offseason market - other than the release of three key contributors and the trade for wide receiver Javon Walker - the Broncos concentrated on improving through the draft.

Rookie running back has to fix fumbling - Denver Post – Mike Klis
8/13/06 – One fumble, ill-timed as it was, likely will not cost Mike Bell his starting tailback position. Call it a depth-chart mulligan. Having made the bold decision to anoint Bell his No. 1 running back last week, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan isn't about to give up on his undrafted rookie.

Front four's pass rush has room to improve - Denver Post – Bill Willimson
8/13/06 – Just to be safe, the Broncos' defensive players may want to hit the save key on their blitz diagrams. Generating a rush from a four-man front may take a while.

Fumble spoils Bell's debut - Rocky Mountain News – Jeff Legwold
8/12/06 – Shiny Ford Field, the speed of the NFL and a starting assignment in his first NFL preseason game all faded to the background Friday night for Mike Bell. His memory afterward was singular in nature. "The fumble, man," the Broncos running back said after his team's 20-13 exhibition loss to the Detroit Lions. "The fumble, fumble, fumble."

Cutler top-drawer - Rocky Mountain News – Jeff Legwold
8/12/06 – The Broncos arrived in the center of the automotive world Friday and discovered they still have a little rust to knock off the old undercarriage before the '06 season revs up for real next month. They turned over the ball three times, as compared with 16 turnovers all of last season, and were 0-for-4 in the red zone in a 20-13 loss to the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

Return to Rock City - Denver – J. Michael Moore
8/12/06 – Preseason football in the NFL carries no shortage of storylines. With more than 90 players fighting for 53 roster spots, underdog and second-chance stories can occur with the same consistency and matter-of-factness as rush hour traffic. They're always there and there are always people willing to talk about them. Broncos wide receiver David Kircus, for example, was cut by the Detroit Lions at the end of the team's 2005 training camp. Back in college, he played for Grand Valley State in Michigan. There are two possible storylines from the Broncos 20-13 preseason loss to the Lions before the first snap.

'R' is for ‘Rookie' – and ‘Ready' - Denver – Andrew Mason
8/12/06 – For one night in August, the "R" beside Jay Cutler's name on the rosters passed out in every crevice of Ford Field did not seem appropriate. It was just his first game, but it was also one that looked more like the kinds of performances he displayed in singeing Southeastern Conference secondaries with strikes from his laser-quick, Swiss-watch accurate arm.

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