Champ Bailey / David Terrell 8/16/06

Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey and wide receiver David Terrell took time to speak to the media following today's practice. Check out the full transcripts.

Champ Bailey

On his interception at practice this morning
"You have got a young quarterback (Jay Cutler), so you have got to try to make him look bad. He hesitated on the throw and they were running out routes to that side all day, so I figured I would sit on one."

On how many interceptions he plans on getting this season
"A lot hopefully, any chance that I can get the opportunity you will see me going all the way."

On if he gave rookie QB Jay Cutler any advice on his interception
"I talked to him already. I told him he hesitated and that you can't do that and that all of the good ones will get it. He has a strong arm and a lot of the times he can do that and still get the ball in, but the great ones will get it."

On if any rookie receivers are standing out to him
"Before Brandon Marshall went down he was definitely looking good. Brian Clark is looking good, we brought him in as a free agent and we didn't expect him to look as good as he does, but he looks great."

On whether or not he shares the same mentality as WR Javon Walker when going for an interception
"Oh yeah, you have got to have that mentality. As a defensive player the rules are against us, so when that ball goes up, you just have to pretend you are a receiver because you will never get it, they call everything in the book. You have got to take advantage of those opportunities."

On competing against WR Javon Walker to go up and get the ball
"I think playing with Brett Favre really helped him learn how to do that because he has the height and athletic ability to go get those balls. Brett Favre used to throw them up all of the time, so I think that is where it comes from a little bit, but of course you have got to have that attitude to want to go get it."

On if he is counting down the days to the end of camp
"It hasn't been too bad for me. I have only been practicing once a day. So you will have to ask these guys who are grueling through two-a-days."

On if he plans on playing this Saturday against Tennessee
"Yes, I definitely plan on being out there."

David Terrell

On running the fade route into 8-year-old Broncos fan Allison Sheehan
"I saw her out of the corner of my eye. The play was being called and I saw her, I was thinking I hope she sits down. She didn't sit down and when I turned my back to her I thought, oh no, that little girl is there. I tried to slow down and I hit her. I should have just stopped, jumped and not tried to make a play on the ball and just let her go by. I swear, I saw it happen in my mind as I saw her to the left of me. I am sorry about hitting her, but she is alright. She is a tough girl who needs to come out and play some football with us. I had to go at least try and catch the ball, but I did not want to kill the little girl."

On making the 53-man squad
"I just look at it like it is just another preseason game. I have been in this league for a while, so I know how to get ready for a football game. For me, it is just going out there and playing football. I am not worried about not making the team. We have a preseason game and as long as I come out here and play, the players are going to play and the coaches are going to coach. I love the NFL Network; other teams can watch us, so I don't worry about being picked up by another team, if I am the one who gets let go. We have great competition out here. Everyone is working hard and we have a lot of great receivers. Those who make the team I commend, but those who don't are going to have a chance to make another team. If I am on the team, that's cool. If not, I will do fine somewhere else."

On his health
"I was bumpy all through camp but I haven't missed a practice, I am out here. I am competing and I am winning more than losing, so I am having fun."

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