Jay Cutler assesses his progress

Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler met the media after practice. Read what Cutler had to say about his progress and playing the Titans this weekend.

On playing the Titans, who are located in the same city (Nashville, Tenn.) where he went to college (Vanderbilt)
"It is going to be fun. I know some of the guys that are there and most of the coaches. I have some family and friends coming out, so it will be pretty fun."

On possible parties at Vanderbilt watching him play
"I don't know. The game should be on T.V. down there, so I am sure the guys and my old coaches will definitely be watching."

On his former teammates and coaches seeing his progress in the NFL
"It means a lot. I have kept in touch with a lot of the players and coaches, the coaches call from time to time. They are definitely watching and wishing me the best."

On Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher
"Coach Fisher is a great guy. He is a good coach and he has a good program over there. Him and Mike (Shanahan) are good friends and they talk. I am just glad that he put in a good word for me."

On what his friends thought of his performance against Detroit
"They didn't get a chance to see the game until 11 o'clock that night. They were happy for me. They thought I looked good out there and threw the ball well. They don't expect anything less from me."

On if training camp was what he expected
"It was what I expected. It is not too bad for quarterbacks. We get to throw the ball around all day. There is that drain of two-a-days sometimes, but it went well. I am very glad it is over."

On if the coaches are trying to keep him from getting too confident
"Not really. I knew coming into this week from last week's preseason game I would need to move on. Hopefully I can go out and repeat my performance from last week."

On whether he enjoyed the learning part of camp
"I definitely enjoyed the learning part of it. I had a good time out here. I learned a lot and picked up a lot of stuff from (quarterback) Jake (Plummer). I thought that I grew a lot out here as a quarterback. I have a lot more confidence in the system and my abilities."

On if this weekend is about showing Tennessee what it passed up on in the 2006 NFL Draft
"No, I am not in it for that. I am happy that they passed me up because I am in a better place now."

On Titans quarterback Vince Young and Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart
"We know each other and we talk to each other whenever we are around. There is some competition there because all three of us want to succeed and we all want to be the best quarterback in our class. Matt (Leinart) is a little behind us, but we will see what happens Saturday."

On if he can play much better than he did in his NFL debut against Detroit
"I can play better. My ball placements were a little off and I missed a few throws. There are some audibles and some different things I can do as a quarterback, so I can improve a lot."

On if he ever wanted to be a member of the Tennessee Titans
"Yes, as the draft came closer at the end of my senior season I definitely wanted to play there. It would have been fun to stay there in Nashville, but it didn't happen and I am very happy that it didn't happen now."

On whether friends and family feel the Titans made a mistake in not drafting him
"You are always going to have both sides of that. After my first game people where talking and telling me they should have taken me instead of Vince (Young). In the future I may go out and have a bad game and they people will be like, "Hey we are glad we didn't take him." It works both ways."

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