Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan 8/17

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan talks about the overall progress made in this season's training camp and comments on some of the individual players. Check out the full transcripts.

On how he would rate the Broncos' 2006 training camp
"We had a good camp. We got a lot done. Hopefully, we will continue to play well and get ready for the regular season. We have got to find out who our top guys are and that is part of the process right now, not only trying to do the Xs and Os but trying to figure out who are top 53 players are. "

On the players keeping their poise
"Well it is what I do. I look at it as you lose your poise on the field, you lose your poise in the game. The official usually sees the second hit. Since I have been in the NFL, I have never been around one person to ever get hurt in a fight, so it doesn't make any sense to me. If you lose your poise out here then you are going to lose it in a game and I have lost a number of games because people can't keep their poise. You can't have it in practice. It doesn't happen very often, but after they are done running and those types of things, usually it doesn't happen again."

On the competition at the wide receiver position
"We have a lot of competition at the wide receiver position. A lot of guys will be playing in the next three games, and we will try to figure out who is going to be our top five or six guys."

On what progress he expects out of rookie QB Jay Cutler in his second preseason game on Saturday against Tennessee
"No progress, just to keep on doing what he is doing. "

On QB Jay Cutler getting more experience in the preseason
"This is a long process. There are so many different defenses, so many different fronts, so many situations that are going to occur to a quarterback, especially a young quarterback. He is on schedule or ahead of schedule and this experience is going to help him and that is why you try to play him as much as you can in these preseason games so he can feel comfortable once he does get in. You are always a play away from being the starter, so you have got to get that playing time in the preseason."

On how rookie RB Mike Bell has responded since his fumble at Detroit
"The reason we put him in was that I knew that was going to happen. It always happens in preseason, especially with a running back, that is just the nature of the position. Hopefully he can get better and better. The more he carries it, hopefully the more comfortable he feels. We have a lot of competition at that position and if you fumble you can't obviously play."

On if it is unusual that the top three quarterbacks coming out of the draft are playing against each other in preseason
"Actually I haven't even thought about it, but yes that is a little bit unusual, especially at the talent level that these three guys (Vince Young, Jay Cutler and Matt Leinart) have. Looking at (Matt) Leinart (with Arizona) coming in and getting instant playing time this week is a little bit unusual in itself."

On if he is excited for the Broncos to face Tennessee QB Vince Young
"Not really, to be honest with you. I don't like people that are very talented on the opposing team, just on our team. No, but you respect the talent level, obviously Vince (Young) has done a lot of great things in his college days. It will be interesting to see how he makes it as a pro quarterback."

On whether or not Tennessee is bringing its mascot on Saturday
"Yeah, I did ask him. I did talk to (Titans Head Coach) Jeff (Fisher) on the phone and I told him that we would get along fine if he did not bring his mascot, and he promised that he would not so it will be a good going this game. Our quarterbacks will stay injury free."

On how well he feels that WR Javon Walker has played in camp
"I think he has done very well coming off of an ACL and practicing one time a day, not having very many setbacks. I feel pretty good where he is at."

On if he has something specific he wants the Broncos to accomplish in Week two of preseason
"We are in the evaluation process right now, so to get the chance for everybody to feel a little bit more comfortable with your system. Then you have got to evaluate players. You want to game plan, but you don't want to make it too complicated where you can't evaluate them."

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