Coaches Corner - Game Recap

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan discusses Saturday night's 35-10 win over the TennesseeTitans. Check out the full transcripts.

Mike Shanahan

"I thought we had a great effort tonight. We talked about improving in our turnover battle. Last week we lost three turnovers on offense, and this week we were able to have none. That's when you have a good chance for things to happen. We were 0-for-4 in the red zone [vs. Detroit], then tonight we went 4-for-4 in the red zone, so we made some strides in that area. Defensively we came up with one turnover, and almost came up with two. I just take my hat off to the guys – they were ready to play and made some good effort. We had a chance to evaluate a lot of players. We had some guys that that are competing very hard, and are very close in a lot different positions, and that's what you want. You want some depth and I think we saw some today. It was nice to see [DT] Demetrin Veal get a couple sacks in there. I thought [DE] Kennard [Lang] put a little pressure on the quarterback as well, and that's always nice to see with a few of your guys out."

Regarding RB Mike Bell's Improvement Over Last Week in Detroit
"Like I shared with the guys before, games aren't always an indication of how somebody's going to do from one week to the next. I knew he was going to play well. He always plays pretty consistently. I think what you're trying to do is eliminate the turnovers, eliminate the fumbles from these guys trying to strip the ball. I was pleased with his effort. I thought he ran hard and I thought he got a number of yards after the contact, and I was impressed with the way he responded."

On LB Al Wilson and CB Champ Bailey Not Playing Tonight
"What happened is we have a team rule for curfew. They missed curfew, and if you miss curfew you don't play. You don't start, and that's why they didn't suit up today."

On QB Jake Plummer's Quiet Rise in Performance Level
"Not quietly from my stand point. He's play pretty well. He executed the offense very well, and the only thing I told him down on the two yard line was throw that ball away if it's not there, or get in there and slide early. You don't want him to take a shot if he doesn't have to. He threw the ball well, nice to throw the ball like that, get a couple of big first downs when we need them.

On WR Javon Walker's Performance
"I thought it was good. We put him in there to try to get him to catch a ball and he kind of rolled up and caught a rotation. I think he felt good. He was very anxious to catch a ball. We're disappointed he didn't catch a ball. Maybe he will next week."

The Depth at Running Backs
"We've got some competition [among the running backs]. This is about evaluation over a whole camp, not just this game, so that's a good problem to have. We like depth and we like guys playing hard. I thought we saw a number of guys playing hard today, not only at the running back position but at a lot of positions."

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