The Players Perspective - 8/19/06

Several Denver Broncos spoke to the media following their 35-10 win over the Titans. Check out the full transcripts.


"We were efficient. We went out there and took care of the ball. We moved the ball well, guys made some big plays. That's what you want out of preseason game. We've got one next week, we'll go out there and try to get even better."

Comparing his Performance to this Time Last Year
"Well, just being through the system a whole year and the offseason, going back and evaluating the good and the things I can improve on. The little tweaks we've made – we didn't do anything too complicated out there. It's just that what we were doing was working and when we run the ball well it opens up a few things."

On Broncos Fans Becoming Familiar with Unknown Receivers
"Obviously #80 [WR Rod Smith] came back and did his thing, I mean Rod's as good as they get. I know I can throw the ball to him, but seeing a guy like [WR David] Kircus step up, or like [TE] Nate [Jackson] stepping up on a big fourth down, that's always nice. You know, I would like to get the ball to [WR] Javon [Walker], but the calls that were called tonight, the plays were designed not to go exactly his way. We didn't get the looks to go his way, and that's what we have another preseason game for. Guys are working hard, that's all you can ask."

On RB Mike Bell's Performance
"He's running hard. He got an earful for running out of bounds on that play [2nd quarter], so I don't think we'll see him do that anymore. He's ran hard, he ran over a guy at one point when I saw him. He's a good kid, he's gonna run the ball hard. All those guys right now, both Bells [RB Tatum Bell] ran well. [RB] Cedric [Cobbs] and [RB] Damien [Nash] came in and they looked hungry too.


On his Performance
"I was feeling good, I mean we had some good drives, threw it around a little bit and ran out some of the clock in the third quarter. Offensively, we did really well tonight as a whole team."

On Connecting with TE Tony Scheffler
"We had some plays in there where he was one of the main targets. It's hard to miss him, he's a big target out there, and I know he's going to catch the ball. As a young quarterback, throwing to your tight end, you have to feel comfortable doing that. [On the touchdown throw to Scheffler:] I didn't know it was going to happen. He's going to the flat, and he's got to beat that corner to the corner of the end zone. I wasn't sure how it was going to work out, but Tony got open and I put it up high for him, and he was able to get it in."

On Whether the Game is Getting Faster for him
"We saw a lot of the same stuff we saw last week. We saw a couple coverages and a couple of new coverages, but it's still pretty basic stuff."

Did his Comfort Level Increase Since Week 1 of Preseason?
"It's getting there. The first team offense went out there and gave us a hell of a lift, and made things easy on us."

Are you Seeing More Complicated Defenses in Practice?
"Yes, definitely. The staff, and the defense that we have, you see some guys out there flying around and giving us some defensive looks that we're not going to be able to duplicate in a game, and our first-team defense is one of the best in the league. I'm going against them day in and day out makes games a lot easier."

On What he Could have Improved Tonight
"I missed a few throws, and Coach Shanahan told me about it before halftime. I don't know, I think I did alright, and I'll have to look at the film. I'm sure there are a few things that I've missed. I missed one check on a blitz, but those things happen."

On Competing with Titans QB Vince Young
"I know Vince and I wished him good luck after the game, and I think he's going to be fine. We're on two different teams, so there's nothing there."


On His First NFL Touchdown
"I didn't really celebrate that much because I dropped that pass five plays before, so I was still mad about that when I went to the sideline. [TE] Stephen Alexander grabbed me and shook me around, and that was great."


On a Limited Number of Punting Opportunities
"You would always love to punt more, but when the team is playing that well, and you're not out there, you really can't complain."


On the Broncos Pass Rush
"It was wonderful. [DE] Kennard [Lang] got in there a few times today and played really well."

Are Foxworth and CB Darrent Williams Playing at the Level of CB Champ Bailey?
"We aren't close to Champ yet, but after that we are close to the best in the league."


On his Touchdown Reception
"We had a great running style tonight where all of their defenders sucked up [to the line of scrimmage], and I ran free. It was a great throw by [QB] Jake [Plummer]. It seemed like it was up in the air forever, but it in the right spot. We pride ourselves on being playmakers, and luckily I was able to come through tonight."


On Improvement from Last Week
"There was definitely a big improvement but when you look at the film, there's always stuff to work on."

On Denver's Pass Rush
"It was coming, and it came from the first series. In order to rush, you have to stop the run. We were able to do that effectively, and then we could go after the quarterback."


"We wanted to come out and play a physical game because they are a big physical team. We tried to get a lot of pressure with our rush, and I thought we did. In the first [preseason] game we didn't play like we wanted to, but this one was a physical and fast game."


On Defensive Performance
"Considering the fact that [the defense] got to play more, it was great. It was a good overall team win. Our coaches prepared us well. It didn't matter who was playing, whether it was the first or second team, we all executed well."

On his Interception
"An interception is an interception, it's all about being in the right place at the right time, and I was tonight."

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