News & Notes Day 5

News & Notes from Day 5 of the Denver Broncos Training Camp 2002

KASPER RETURNS: The Broncos wide receiving corps. got some good news this morning, as Kevin Kasper returned to the lineup after straining a quad muscle during Monday's morning session. Initially it was thought Kasper may be out for a few days which, compiled with the injuries to Scottie Montgomery and Ashley Lelie, would leave the team short at that position.

Steve Beuerlein continues to impress not only the coaches, but his teammates as well, throwing with pinpoint accuracy and strength. For the past four days the 16-year veteran has lit up both the first and second unit defense, spreading the ball to all sides of the field. His prettiest, a beautiful touchdown strike to veteran Ed McCaffrey who, after leaping high above defenders, kept both feet well within the end zone.

"It's a learning process for everyone," said Beuerlein. "They're trying to learn about me, and I'm trying to learn the Bronco way of doing things, hopefully each day I'll get better. As long as things are going in a positive direction, I think I'm going to be in good shape."

Considering the fact Beuerlein has spent the past two seasons on the injured list, his performance in camp so far has definitely been positive.

"I've been around long enough to not get too high with the highs, or too low with the lows. Hopefully I can keep reinforcing the fact that I'm not too old to play anymore, and I've got a little bit of gas left in my tank."

The Broncos mindset is that Griese is still the man to beat, but thus far in camp it appears that his leash may be getting shorter by the day. While Shanahan continues to stand by him, it's obvious that things are not progressing as quickly as either party would like.

Timing seems to be the critical issue, and neither Griese nor his receivers have been able to get theirs down. Not that it's all Brian's fault, but the connections between Beuerlein and the receivers have far outshadowed those of Griese.

Credit must be given however to the fact that he's at least spreading the ball around more, and working as many players into the game plan as possible. Last year's excuse of "no one to throw to" should not rear its ugly head again.

I'm just getting back into a rhythm," said Griese. "I'm trying to work with the guys, and there's a few things I'm trying to work on personally. As long as I come out every day and expect to get better, I think I'll be fine."

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