Post Game Coaches Corner 8/27/06

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the media following Sunday night's 17-13 win over the Houston Texans. Check out the full transcripts.

Mike Shanahan

Opening Statement
"I thought it was nice to finally win. It was a very hard fought game. Our defense came out and played extremely well, especially our front seven. To slow down their running game as much as they did, and to be able to run the ball as well as we did, it's really a compliment to them. They've been playing very good run defense through the first three preseason games, and they played very well today. I thought it was nice to get at least our starters through the majority of the preseason fairly healthy. The only person we had a little banged up was [WR] Todd Devoe, so that's always a good sign. We'll get a chance in the last preseason game to evaluate some of our second, third and fourth teamers, and hopefully come up with our 53 guys, as well as eight practice squad guys."

On the Offense
"The front seven – they did a great job, but they've been doing it all year. From the first game, they haven't given up a lot of yards rushing. That's a good sign for [Texans Head Coach] Gary [Kubiak] in Houston, he starts a strong defense and a rushing offense. They're doing very well on both sides."

How important is QB Bradlee Van Pelt's Performance in Arizona?
"It's not only Bradlee, it's a lot of players. It's a large part of the evaluation process that you go through. The third game is obviously occupied by the first two units. Very seldom does a third guy get in unless somebody is injured. There are a number of guys who are on the bubble, and we're just not really sure at this time. A lot of them, it really depends on the positions they play, but also on special teams as well."

On WR Darius Watts
"I've been with Darius for a couple of years and I know what he can do. I'll get a chance to evaluate some of those younger guys and see what they can do, and we always have that decision whether to keep five or six receivers – that's part of the evaluation process. I know Darius, but I don't know a lot of those other guys as well."

On WR Javon Walker's Performance Tonight
"I'm very impressed. He made a couple of big-time catches in the crowd. He went into the game with more of a drop-back mind set. I don't think we did any play action with our first unit. We wanted to put more pressure on the quarterback and wide receivers. Javon had a couple catches in the game and I was impressed with some of the plays he made in the game."

On QB Jake Plummer's Performance Tonight
"I think he did a good job. You know there are always two or three situations that you'd like to have back, but I'm pleased with his effort. It's always tough when you're not moving the football, because it's tough to control the tempo of the game.

What More would you Like to See out of RB Cedric Cobbs
"I think Cedric's been doing an excellent job. Just trying to evaluate him, not only in game situations but in practice. You have to keep in mind that he's going against the second unit, second, third and fourth team, and that's part of the evaluation process. Cedric has played very well."

On the Two-Minute Offense
"I wanted to start out the second half with the two minute [offense], and I thought we were pretty impressive going three plays and out [joking]. That was not exactly the way we had it scripted, but we live we that. My mind set was going with the unit for three plays, or the series, and that's what we did."

On Overall Performance
"You take a look at the positives, you take a look at the negatives. We were running the ball pretty well, but obviously this game we didn't. I thought there were pluses and minuses, just as there always are in preseason. But here it [the regular season] comes, ready or not. We were very competitive."

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