Following the Rules...

When it comes to training camp, EVERYONE needs to follow the rules.

GREELEY, Colo. - Mike Shanahan has long been known as a tough coach, intent on a strict set of rules that need to be followed regardless of the reason.

Most assumed though that those sets of rules applied only to the team.

On Wednesday, we all found out differently as local television cameraman John Kuhrt broke the sacred, and long standing rule of no cellular phones on the practice field. During Shanahan's afternoon press conference Kuhrt's cellular rang while the coach was making his opening remarks.

As all eyes searched toward the culprit Shanahan jokingly told Kuhrt that the violation was going to cost him a quarter-mile, much to the delight of his fellow media members who, like Kuhrt, assumed that the coach was joking.

When the phone rang for a second time only seconds later, Kuhrt knew he was in trouble.

"Now it's a half-a-mile" Shanahan quipped.

As his fellow reporters laughed the head coach continued to prod Kuhrt – "He thinks I'm joking, come on John, lets get going."

In the awkward silence Kuhrt realized he might possibly be serious, so he took off, his thirty-pound television camera bouncing precariously on his shoulder. Down to the far end of the practice field and around the large corner light pole.

As the cameraman headed for home, reporters cheered him on, causing even Shanahan to crack a smile and joke about hoping the run didn't kill him.

The run evidentally impressed Shanahan to the point that the team offered the cameraman an official NFL contract, albeit for only $1.00, Thursday afternoon.

Secure in the fact that the contract would not endanger Denver's salary cap, Kuhrt signed the deal.

Another young man's dream, made in Greeley.

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