Broncos v. Chiefs - Game Plan and Matchups

Without Trent Green, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to have to rely more on running back Larry Johnson. The Broncos will undoubtedly stack the line to stop Johnson and dare backup quarterback Damon Huard to beat them.

SERIES HISTORY: 92nd meeting. The Kansas City Chiefs have a 51-40 record against the Denver Broncos. Last year the Broncos and Chiefs split the series. Denver won 30-10 at home last year, then lost a tightly contested 31-27 game at Arrowhead Stadium. The two teams will meet again on Thanksgiving.

GAME PLAN: There probably won't be much passing in Denver on Sunday. The Chiefs are without quarterback Trent Green and probably don't want to rely too much on Damon Huard. The Broncos were poor passing the ball last week against St. Louis, they want to get back to pounding away with the run and letting Jake Plummer manage the game, and have always had success running the ball against the Chiefs. Each team knows the other will run the ball, the game will come down to who can protect the ball and maybe a big play or two either on special teams or the passing game.

MATCHUPS TO WATCH: Chiefs RB Larry Johnson vs. Broncos MLB Al Wilson. Without Trent Green, the Chiefs are going to have to rely more on Johnson. The Broncos will undoubtedly stack the line to stop Johnson and dare Damon Huard to beat them.

--Broncos P Paul Ernster vs. Chiefs PR/KR Dante Hall. Ernster, who is punting and kicking off while Todd Sauerbrun serves a suspension, has a huge role this week. He has to either keep the ball out of Hall's hands with touchbacks and good directional punting, or at least give Denver's coverage teams a chance to tackle Hall. Hall has burned Denver for some big plays in the past.

--Broncos WRs Rod Smith and Javon Walker vs. Chiefs CBs Ty Law and Patrick Surtain. The Broncos could not get their passing game going against St. Louis. Walker and Smith face a tough cornerback duo this week. The Broncos will run the ball plenty, but they need some threat of a passing game. Jake Plummer had a miserable day in Week 1 and he needs to rebound.

INJURY IMPACT: RB Mike Bell has a fracture in the tip of his right middle finger but he said he won't be hindered by it and he doesn't plan on missing any time.

--DE Courtney Brown likely won't play this week. His knee, which he had arthroscopic surgery on in August, isn't improving. The Broncos are taking it week by week with him.

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