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It certainly wasn't very pretty, but a win is a win and Mike Shanhan will gladly take it. Check out the full transcripts from today's post game press conference.

Mike Shanahan

Opening Statement
"It was a very hard fought game on both sides of the ball. I thought the defenses played extremely well. I was proud of our team and the way they responded in the fourth quarter. We didn't have much going in the running game, but we started to establish something to get the momentum going. Even though it wasn't very pretty, you have to find a way to win. I was pleased with the way they found a way to win."

Is he Concerned about the Offense?
"Yes, I am, but that's what we have to keep on working on. We weren't very sharp. We know this team [KC] gave up only 230 yards to a Cinci [sic] team that was very explosive last year. We knew that they were a much improved defense, but I don't think a lot of other people did. You could see today we didn't get much going in the running game until the fourth quarter, and that's what you need to do. You have to find a way in that fourth quarter to get a team tired and come up with some big plays. It was unfortunate that we had a couple good opportunities during that fourth quarter to get into the end zone. When we get in that red zone you have to take advantage of those opportunities when you play a defense who plays like Kansas City played today."

On Missed Touchdown Opportunity
"It was incomplete – it was wide open. We got the defense we wanted but it just didn't work out. Obviously it was very frustrating, but that's the game of football. You have to find a way to respond, and I was happy with the way we fought."

On QB Jake Plummer's Pass to WR Javon Walker in Overtime
"I thought Jake did a great job of throwing it. He gave Javon a great chance to get up there and make plays. Javon wants to make plays, he wants the ball. It's exciting to see a guy who wants to get the ball every play. He made a couple of nice plays today."

On the Extent of WR Rod Smith's Injury
"I really don't know, they just told me that Rod wouldn't be able to come back in [this game]. I'll find out in a little bit what his status is."

On K Jason Elam's Health
"It was serious enough for him to miss a couple of days of practice. He missed Wednesday's and Thursday's practice, and felt like he could play Friday. Obviously, he missed the first one [field goal], but he came back and kicked three in a row, and got that clutch kick there at the end [overtime]. It was nice to see that, he's such a class guy. He shook off the first missed kick, and came back to kick three in a row, including the game winner – that was very impressive."

On the Defense
"We felt like that was one of the areas that we needed to improve in the offseason. We were ranked 29th last year in the red zone [defense]. So far we've done pretty well. They were 0-for-2 in the red zone and so were we, which doesn't say a whole lot. I'm impressed any time you go a couple of games without giving up a touchdown. A lot of guys are playing hard and they're playing together. I was also pleased that we didn't have any penalties. That doesn't happen very often. Even though we didn't play one of our better games on offense, and a lot had to do with their defense, but we found a way to win."

On Limiting the Offense
"Obviously, anytime you turn the ball over five times in a game you're very disappointed. I thought he [Plummer] controlled the game with our running game not going as well as it normally does. It puts a lot of pressure obviously on different phases of the game. I'm not saying it was one of our better offensive performances, I'm not going to go down that road but sometimes you have to find a way to win and get things going, and I thought we did that in the fourth quarter."

More on the Offense
"I thought we dialed it back a bit. We put a little bit more pressure on our defense. Obviously, they responded well. I thought we did a better job running the football. I think we averaged probably just a little over two yards in the first half, and I think we averaged over four in the second half. The running game was starting to come. Sometimes you have to do what you need to do to find a way to win."

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