Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan 9/24

Mike Shanahan discusses the Denver Broncos' 17-7 win over the New England Patriots on Sunday night.

On running the ball against the Patriots:

Limiting the rushing yards was pretty impressive because they were very impressive the first couple of games running the ball and it was a great challenge for our defense.

On the game:

Offensively we made a few third downs that kept a couple of drives going, and it was a dog fight the whole game and I feel very fortunate to come out with a win.

On Jake Plummers performance:

I think Jake really managed the game well, with a defense like this they really keep you off balance they do so many different things to you, so many different rushers, so many different defenses. They can confuse a quarterback quickly and make him make mistakes. He made a couple of big plays and a couple of big throws at opportune times.

On what they did on Defense:

We knew we had to stop the running game because they played so well the first couple of games running the football and they have so many different weapons and they play opportunistically so we knew we had to step up in that area, so we felt that if we could do that then we could just react to the pass and we didnt blitz like we did the last time, but fortunately we made some plays at opportune times.

On the 83 yard touchdown:

We were thinking that if we did not make it we would go for it on fourth down, so we thought they would be in a man on man defense and just go for the long bomb and get a chance for Javon Walker to be one-on-one and fortunately they were in there pretty tight to stop the run and Javon made a nice catch and Jake made a nice throw.

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