Broncos v. Ravens Report Card

Three big interceptions turned the game in the Denver Bronco's favor. Champ Bailey (in photo) made a great play on a fade route to the end zone at the end of the first half. Check out the grades of the defense and the other Broncos' units in today's report card.

PASSING OFFENSE: D - Denver had six passing yards and an interception through the first half. The cold, rainy night had something to do with that, but the Broncos will be playing in plenty of bad weather games from here on out. The Broncos simply have to find their passing game. It came around a bit in the fourth quarter when Jake Plummer made big throws to both Javon Walker and Rod Smith.

RUSHING OFFENSE: B - Denver's stats weren't great, with 116 yards on 28 carries. But against a tough Ravens defense, that wasn't bad. Tatum Bell had several strong runs to pick up first downs when the Broncos' passing game was non-existent. Bell's 12-yard run at the end of the game on third and 10, when he ran through Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis to pick up the necessary yardage, set up Denver's only touchdown.

PASS DEFENSE: A - Three big interceptions turned the game in Denver's favor. Champ Bailey made a great play on a fade route to the end zone at the end of the first half. Darrent Williams picked off Steve McNair in the fourth quarter, and that set up Denver's only touchdown. Domonique Foxworth's interception at the end of the game sealed the win. The Broncos kept pressure on McNair and didn't get beat deep all night.

RUSH DEFENSE: A - The Broncos were physical with Jamal Lewis. Linebacker Al Wilson played one of the best games of his career, with 16 tackles. They punished Baltimore's ball carriers all night, although Mike Anderson and Musa Smith had some success. The Broncos didn't allow a run of longer than 10 yards the entire game.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B - Denver showed signs of life on special teams for the first time this season. A couple of penalties kept punt returner Darrent Williams from having a big game. He had a 33-yard return stand up. Quincy Morgan had a solid game returning kickoffs. Paul Ernster had a good game, nullifying dangerous Ravens returner B.J. Sams.

COACHING: B - Denver took what it was given against Baltimore. The Broncos weren't overly conservative. They took some shots downfield, but it was tough to connect in a constant drizzle. The Broncos were able to run the ball effectively while their passing game struggled. Defensively, the Broncos are playing at a very high level. They look smart for simplifying the scheme and letting the players let their talent take over.

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