Broncos open preseason against the Chicago Bears

Denver looks to answer some serious questions as they open up the 2002 preseason against the Chicago Bears.

The Denver Broncos take the first step on their road to recovery this Saturday as they travel to Champaign, Ill. to face the Chicago Bears in the first preseason game of 2002.

Granted, while most preseason games are quite a bore, this one will be different. This game marks the preview of backup quarterback Steve Beuerlein, who will don a Denver uniform for the first time since joining the Broncos on May 30, 2001.

Beuerlein has looked more and more like a Savior at camp, outplaying starter Brian Griese at every opportunity. His command of the team, leadership and ability to throw the long ball, has many insiders begging for his advancement.

It's doubtfull Shanahan will make such a drastic move this soon, but he has made it clear that the leash on this season is very short, and with a competent backup waiting in the wings, he will have no reservations about making the switch.

Denver's starting unit will put in somewhere between 12-15 plays, then give way for the second and third teams, which will see the majority of action.

This is where the game gets interesting……

Will Clinton Portis look as good against the Bears as he has so far in camp this year?
Does number one draft pick Ashley Lelie have what it takes to be a top receiver in this league?
What about Denver's revamped defense, can they rise above the abomination of last season?
There are a lot of unanswered questions for the Denver Broncos.

Hopefully some of those may become a little clearer Saturday night.

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