Schon: Picks of the Week 10/15/06

With Chicago failing to cover on Monday night, Schon finsihed off the week correctly hitting 7 winners, with 5 losses and one tie. Check back each week for the best free picks anywhere - exclusively at Broncos Update.

Had better weeks, but with 7 wins - 5 losses and one push, I'm pulling in at 50 - 31, against the spread, for the season.

Random thoughts...
Congrats to the Bucs on their first win... Shocked that the Seahawks couldn't cover... Steelers put a beating on the Chiefs but I'm not convinced they're out of the water just yet... Raiders looked pitiful, but still skated by against the spread - Strange week. No doubt oddsmakers will be tightening the reigns with Denver's offense next Sunday.

Giants + 3 over the Falcons - W
Tampa Bay + 6 over Cincinnati - W
Washington – 10 over the Titans - L
Jets – 2 ½ over Miami - W
Detroit – 1 over Buffalo - W
Dallas – 13 over Houston - W
New Orleans – 3 over Philly - TIE
Seahawks – 3 over the Rams - L
Baltimore – 3 over Carolina - L
San Diego – 10 over the 49ers - W
Pittsburgh – 7 over Kansas City - W
Denver – 15 over Oakland - L

Chicago – 10 ½ over Arizona - L

Michael John Schon has covered the National Football League and the Denver Broncos for the past ten years. As a member of the Pro Football Writers Association he has published and syndicated columns to both newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada. His syndicated radio broadcast: "Schon Live" airs weekly on various radio stations around the country.

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