Mike Shanahan Press Conference - 10/18

Read what Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan had to say today in his post-practice press conference.


On when he was last in Cleveland

That is a good question. I don't remember.It has been a while.

On what former Broncos RB Reuben Droughns' success in Cleveland says about Denver's ability to find good running backs

Well, Reuben has been an excellent player for us and obviously has been an excellent player for Cleveland and you like to see good people have success, just not this coming Sunday. You have got to have an excellent offensive line and you have got to have a lot of skill. It is not easy to run the football in the National Football League. We have been very fortunate with the talented backs that we have had.”

On what it was about Denver DT Gerard Warren that he liked so much when he brought him in from Cleveland

There are a lot of reasons to like Gerard. One, it is hard to find guys that are his size and have that type of quickness. You never what you have until someone comes in here and works. He came in here and had a heck of an offseason program, and we have been pleased with everything that he has done.

On if DT Warren has recommended a place to eat at in Cleveland

You know, I have not even spoken with the guys about that. We have talked about it before, you know any time that you have been at a place you want to play your best against that team and everybody has emotions but you like to keep them in check.

On whether or not he agrees that the former Browns linemen seem more vibrant in Denver than they were when in Cleveland

Any time that you are winning in the National Football League, compared to losing, it is a much better environment. I don't care where you are at. Obviously that is a big difference. I can't speak for them, but I know that they have done a good job for us since they have been here. They have handled themselves with a lot of class, and they have worked extremely hard and fit into our scheme very well.

On what he expects from the Broncos' defensive line on Sunday at Cleveland

I think we talked about this before. Any time you change schemes. We were interested in all of those players a year before and we talked to (former Browns head coach) Butch Davis and they were not interested in trading any one of those players. When a new coaching staff comes in, especially with a different scheme, we continued the process and talked to the people in charge about a possible trade. When they did make the move, we were very happy and obviously it was a good move for them as well. They have got some fine personnel on their defensive front, but any time you make that transition there is always going to be a lot of communication. People think it was a good trade, (or) it was a bad trade. But that is just the nature of the National Football League, and the way you find out is through time.

On if any of the ex-Browns surprised him once they joined the Broncos

You never know for sure how people are going to handle themselves and if they are going to be true character guys or do you have guys that are up and down. These guys have been true character guys and not only are they good football players, but they are good people. You never know for sure until somebody comes in and spends some time with you and they play extremely hard.

On correcting the offense's problems

You go back and analyze each game and go through each scenario and you figure out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. It is really not that difficult to look at. Sometimes it is hard to get it executed, but it is really not that hard to figure out. People go, "Are you conservative? Are you bringing the game plan back?" and anybody that knows anything about football knows that if you have the leading receiver in the AFC in yards per attempt (WR Javon Walker), you may be trying to throw the ball too much down the field and that goes back to execution. You don't average 20 yards a reception and be conservative. Sometimes you are going to get two-deep sometimes you are going to get all different types of coverage, and that is what I tell my players. You have to go back to the basics and you have to look at why you are getting stopped on third downs and it is the same thing that we have been doing but obviously not quite as well. It doesn't happen overnight. You have to work every day and do the little things the right way, and if we do that, we will be back on track.

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