Jake Plummer Press Conference - 10/18

Read what Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer had to say today in his post-practice press conference.


On preparing for a team that he doesn't play against very often

You just do what you do every week. We're pretty familiar with coaches and schemes in our division, but when you go against someone you don't play much, you just look at film. Everyone plays football very similarly. There's no one team doing something no one's ever done before. It's just a matter of studying them, knowing what they're doing and getting a good game plan up for them.

On what he has noticed about Cleveland's defense

They're getting their corners back. (Those) guys can cover really well, and they're big and physical inside. They play a lot like New England's defense. They've got (LB Willie) McGinest there, and they've got some guys who are very smart and don't get out of position. They're going to make you earn it. You're not going to get a lot of big plays against them, so you're going to have to be patient and chip away, from what I've seen so far. There are some good veterans on there who are going to get guys to the right spot. For us, we've just got to be smart and do what we do.

On whether the offense is on the verge of breaking out

Yeah, I hope so. We've just got to keep working hard, keep practicing. Pressing, it doesn't help it at all. You've got to go back and do a little more each week - prepare a little harder, study a little more. Once it breaks, I think we'll be fine. Yeah, there's concern. I don't think there's panic. We've got to pick it up on offense. That's just what we have to do. We know that our job is to score points and move the ball and stay on the field. That's what we haven't been doing, scoring points. Otherwise, we've done a decent job of staying on the field and having some drives. We've got to score more points.

On whether he senses frustration from Denver's offensive players

There's a little bit. It's not frustration in any single-minded or egotistical way. It's frustration because we all want to play better. When you play better and you score more, everyone's getting the ball. This offense, it's not, 'Oh, just Rod's (Smith) catching every pass and touchdown.' If we're scoring more points, it just means more guys are going to have their hands on the ball (and) more guys are going to get opportunities to score. We're a little frustrated as a group, but like I said, we're not mad and yelling at each other and cussing the coaches out. We've all got to be in this thing together. The coaches will put us in the right spot. We've got to prepare and get ready to go.

On whether he's gone to Head Coach Mike Shanahan or Assistant Head Coach Mike Heimerdinger and asked to throw downfield more

That's usually the coaches' call. We have game plans in every week that have that in it. It's just a matter of the type of game you're in and obviously the feel the coaches have. I'm not going to go in - Mike Shanahan's been a genius in this league on the offensive side - and tell him as a coach what to do.

On whether he's discussed the subject with Shanahan

There's some of that that goes on, obviously. That's stuff that goes on behind closed doors that you guys will never hear about. As a team, you've got to stick together, and that's what we're doing. We're 4-1. Offensively, we've struggled, but if we pick it up a little bit each week and keep getting better and better, things will happen.

On whether the defense's solid play has affected play calling

Our defense is playing great, but you can't worry about that. As an offense, we have to go out and perform. Obviously, our goal is to not hurt our defense - not put them on a short field, not have turnovers. We've done a better job of that than we did the first week. We're making some strides there, but it's a matter of putting up points, giving us some cushion, letting that defense not have to play impeccably and play perfect every game. We'll pick it up.

On what little things they need to improve

It's top secret. No, just everything. Execution as a group, all 11 of us just being on the same page. That stuff just comes. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has times when they don't do the perfect play or make the perfect throw or the perfect route, but it's about making plays. Coaches coach us to be in the right position, but once they give us the play, they don't have anything to do with it anymore. It's us as players that have to take that focus on ourselves and make the plays out on the field. We've made some, and we haven't. The ones we're not making, we have to find out what we're doing wrong on those and make sure we're all on the same page. That's kind of what (Shanahan) means by the little things. It's not, 'Oh, let's put in a whole new offense.' It's just, 'Let's tweak the little things, focus in on what we're not doing right and all 11 of us try to get on the same page.

On whether the play calling has been more conservative since Week 1

Not really. We've had chances to take shots and did decent things downfield. You're asking me to get into analyzing every play that's been called. In the middle of a season, it's hard to do that. We're going with what the coaches call. Like I said, I'm not going to question what Mike Shanahan does. He's been doing this for a long time. We've had plays downfield. Some of them haven't happened. Some of them worked, like last week with the big play to Javon (Walker). We've just got to be patient and keep working hard to make those plays.

On whether he feels like his hands are being tied in any way


On whether any players are bugging him about getting more balls thrown their way

Not really. These guys know the ball could come up to any guy any time. Obviously, you want to spread it around. I love spreading the ball around. It keeps everybody happy. Right now, Javon (Walker) is making some big plays. We'd love to get Rod (Smith) a little more involved, and we're running the ball well. Tatum's (Bell) running the ball well, so we're right there. We're close. That's why there's not a sense of panic. It's a matter of just tightening some things up.

On whether Javon Walker's performance has affected the scope of Rod Smith's contributions

You guys know how this offense works. Rod could catch 10 balls this week and catch one the next. That's just this offense. That's the great thing about it. And guys like Rod and Javon, Stephen Alexander and (David) Kircus, they're not going to sit there and complain and whine and say, 'Give me the ball,' because they know any week they could be the guy dialed up to catch the big one.

On whether he will speak this week to Browns RB Reuben Droughns, a former Broncos teammate

I might give him a call. I don't know. We'll see. I still miss Reuben. He was one of my favorite players here when he was here. Hopefully, we'll go shut him down.

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