Schon: Picks of the Week 10/22/06

Thirteen games on the docket this week and Schon is dishing it all out for FREE - exclusively at Broncos Update.

This week HURT ––Tagged the Raiders first win of the season but got completely blindsided by San Diego/KC and Tampa Bay/Philly.

What's up with the Steelers? Super Bowl Champs drop to 2-4 and now Roethlisberger gets carted off the field after getting his bell rung by Chauncey Davis – unbelievable… First was the faceplant into oncoming traffic, then came the emergency appendectomy and now the guy gets his brain scrambled in a gang tackle. Pitts got some serious issues.

Six and seven after MNF and I'm still ahead of the game for the season – 56 wins against 38 losses. Lots of catching up to do in Week 8 - check back next Saturday for all the latest…

Show me anybody dishing out free picks for each and every game against the spread that's got the nads to post their record – Want go head to head?
Bring it on…

San Diego – 5 ½ over KC - L
Houston + 9 ½ over the Jags - W
Carolina – 3 ½ over Cincinnati - L
Jets – 3 ½ over Detroit - W
Miami – 4 ½ over Green Bay - L
Philly – 5 ½ over Tampa Bay- L
New England – 5 ½ over Buffalo - W
Pittsburgh – 1 ½ over Atlanta - L
Cleveland + 5 ½ over Denver - L
Oakland + 3 ½ over Arizona - W
Colts – 9 ½ over Washington - W
Seattle – 6 ½ over the Vikings - L

Giants + 3 ½ over Dallas

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