Broncos Post Game

It was all smiles in the Broncos locker room after a 17-7 win over the Cleveland Browns. Check out what Jake Plummer, John Lynch and Brandon Marshall had to say following the game.

John Lynch
(On the defensive performance) – "It felt pretty good. When we looked at the Browns, we saw that they have some weapons. They have a quarterback who has some mobility and some young guys like Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow who are playmakers. We did a nice job keeping them out of the end zone for the most part. They had that short drive that we wish we could have back. The bottom line is we got another win."

(On the defense allowing just two touchdowns all season) – "I'm not surprised because we are just embracing the mentality. The reality is that it is going to happen. I like the reaction when we give up a touchdown. Guys aren't happy. It doesn't matter where they got the ball, it's our job to keep them out. Guys weren't happy with that and we will look at the film to figure out a way that we could have kept them out."

WR Brandon Marshall
(On the touchdown catch) – "It was just a good route. All week coach kept saying if it's there, throw it up. Javon (Walker) gave me a chance to stand there and I was able to make a play. It was a two-receiver set and Javon came out. I was able to make the play."

DB Champ Bailey
(On allowing a touchdown) – "All that matters is that we won. Yes, we take a lot of pride in not giving up touchdowns, but the win is more important. We'll go into next week and see what we can do better."

(On the interception) – "It was so easy that I almost dropped it. I've never seen a ball float like that. I was very surprised. I saw the receiver didn't know where the ball was, so I let it come down to me."

QB Jake Plummer
(On the game) – "We are 5-1 and we got the win. The wind was a little bit of a factor when getting into field goal range. I had to pick and choose taking shots down field but it didn't bother me much. We didn't put up all of the points in the world. I feel that we have improved in ways. At the end of the game, I didn't make some good decisions. We need to get better there. There is some room for improvement."

(On playing Indianpolis next week) – "Indianapolis is known for their offense. They have a good defense to go along with that. Today, we played a great first half. The third and fourth quarter, we moved the ball a little bit and made some bad decisions. You can't have that against a team like Indianapolis. We can correct a few mistakes, hopefully it will make a difference."

(On the passing game) – "It felt really good. We took some shots down field and mixed it up. We called some great plays. It felt good to move the ball and convert on some third downs. That is what you want to do with an offense. We never got that rhythm back in the second half."

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