Jake Plummer Press Conference 10/25/06

Squarely in the "Hot Seat", Jake Plummer answers the media's questions about the upcoming game against Indianapolis. Check out the full transcripts.

Jake Plummer

On whether defenses are trying to take away the short passing game
"Some teams do. Last week we threw quite a few to Javon (Walker), some quick slants. If teams are playing soft outside and we can beat them deep a couple times, sometimes they soften up. But that's just a flow-of-the-game type of call. When it comes in from the sideline, the coaches are seeing them playing soft and giving us the easy completion, so you try to take them. Some teams try to take that away and force us to go deep. If we can have success going deep, that opens them back up."

On facing the Colts
"Any time you have an undefeated team coming to your place and we're 5-1, it's a big game. It sends a statement. It doesn't mean you're going to win the Super Bowl by any means, but it sends a statement to everybody that you can beat the big ones, too. It's a big game for us. We know offensively we've got to pick it up. Our defense has a big challenge, and our special teams will play well I think. I think they're going to go out there and play well. If we do all that, hopefully we'll have a chance to win."

On whether crowd noise affects teams that audible a lot
"You'd have to ask Peyton that. He's well-practiced in it, so I don't think it really bothers him. It's more just the guys that have to know what they're getting to. When we have checks, we usually have done them so much during the week that everyone on the offense knows what look you're looking for. So when they see a guy over here or a certain defense or a certain look, they know the check's coming. So they probably know it before I even say it or yell it. If they're all on the same page, it's really not that big a problem."

On losing T Matt Lepsis for the season
"Matt's a great player. I've been lucky to have him protecting my back side. He doesn't get a whole lot of respect around the league. I think he's one of the best left tackles in the league. To lose him is tough, but you can't think about it. I've got to know that the guy coming in is going to do a good job. Erik (Pears) came in and played hard last week when he had to come in without knowing he was going to be thrown into there. Erik gets out there, I've got to have faith in him that he's going to get the job done. That's how you've got to go about it."

On how he approaches the Colts' pass defense
"It just depends game to game. They've done some good things on the pass defense. I think we know where they rank versus the run, so they're probably going to try to stop the run and make us throw the ball. When you get a chance to do that and you've got the guys outside to make the plays, hopefully you can produce outside throwing the ball. Whatever course it takes, we've just got to move the ball and stay on the field as much as we can."

On whether he's surprised to hear questions about rookie QB Jay Cutler
"I'm never surprised by anything around here. Just keep playing ball, that's all I'm going to do."

On whether those questions bother him
"It can't bother me. If it bothered me then I wouldn't be able to withstand much pressure ever. I've been through quite a bit, so let's go out and play ball, get the guys to rally, work hard and go out there and play. I can't control what Mr. Jones outside of this building says. I can't go put words in his mouth. Whatever the speculation is or rumors, I've got to go out and play hard and keep trying to win."

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