Schon: Rumors, Rants & Raves 10/26/06

Bill Parcells pulls the plug on Drew Bledsoe, Marty Shottenheimer's favorite linebacker gets nailed for steroids and Dennis Green dares the Cardinals to fire him. Check out all the action in today's edition of Schon: Rumors, Rants & Raves.

How close do you think Marty Schottenheimer is from having a major meltdown – on Sunday the NFL suspended former Defensive Rookie of the Year Shawne Merriman four games, for violating the league's policy on steroids.

For those keeping track, this makes five separate off-the-field issues the Bolts have had dating back to April, when linebackers Steve Foley (who was most recently shot three- times outside his home by an off duty cop) and Shaun Phillips were arrested after a scuffle with police.

Merriaman's appealing the suspension, but nobody in So. Cal is holding their breath.

…Bill Parcells pulled the plug on his boy Drew BledsoeTony Romo gets the go this Sunday against the Panthers.

…Indy DT Montae Reagor got rammed by an oncoming car and flipped his SUV on the way to the game on Sunday – end result, he's more than likely out for the year, with over thirty-stitches in his head and scheduled for surgery to repair a broken orbital bone under his eye socket. Maybe next time he'll wear his seat belt.

Evidently Reagor's not the only Colt under doctor's care – the team listed a total of twenty-one different players on the official injury report for this Sunday's game against the Broncos. They did the same against the Redskins on Sunday, coming off their bye-week. You're telling me that nearly half of the players on your roster have a 50-50 shot of playing this week?

Does anybody really buy this?.

…The Dawg Pound got hit hard with the news that Gary Baxter was done for the year after tearing the patellar tendons in both of his knees. The injury is considered so severe that it could take a up to a year or more in Rehab. It also looks like offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon has been given the axe – although the team is officially classifying this as a resignation. Apparently Sunday's dismal performance against the Broncos was the final straw.

…Don't expect to see Dennis Green planting any roots in Phoenix – the dude's blown out the Cardinals so bad it's not so much a question of if they're going to unload him, as it is when they're going to unload him. The problem is that the Bidwills are walking on thin ice when it comes to his release – if they fire him now they could be liable for a ton in severance pay.

…Is anybody in Pittsburgh concerned with the fact that Ben Roethlisberger's had two concussions in the past four months? The first one came after slamming his face into the windshield of an oncoming vehicle - and the second one after getting gang-tackled by the Atlanta Falcons. I'm no expert, but getting your brain scrambled twice in less than a year sounds pretty serious to me.

Thanks to ESPN guru Bill Simmons for handing out the link to the season promo of "24" – it kicked!

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