Broncos Players Post Game Comments

Read what Denver Broncos players have to say about the 34-31 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.



"Our offense did a tremendous job. We [defense] did not hold up out end of the bargain. You have to give credit to the Colts, they got in the end zone which is something we haven't been giving up all year. We just have to move on and look forward to Pittsburgh next week.

"We had no sacks and hardly any pressure. You can't give [Indianapolis QB] Peyton Manning five seconds to throw every time. There are no excuses, this [loss] falls on the defense.

"Peyton is a great quarterback. We just gave him too much time. We fought hard, but fighting hard doesn't win, the scoreboard does. For [the offense] to score 31 points and we still lost is very disappointing. You don't want to blitz too much because Peyton will still pick you apart. It seems like every week getting pressure [on the quarterback] is a big issue."


"It was a track meet out there. Our offense has to find a way to pull it out. We have to find a way to pull away and deliver the knockout blow.

"We still consider ourselves a good football team. There is a lot of the season left, we just need to look forward and get better."

On Denver RB Mike Bell
"He played well. When you get an opportunity in this league, you have to run with it. I think [Denver FB Cecil] Sapp [also] took advantage of his opportuinity and I respect that.


"We didn't do our jobs. We had several opportunities to make stops and we didn't. We knew we had a great opportunity in our hands to take control of the AFC. But it's a long season and we have to turn things around for Pittsburgh."

On defensive strategy
"[Our strategy] is still the way I would go at it again. Even if you play well against them in the beginning, you still have to bring it for 60 minutes. They did a great job of making adjustments at halftime."

On Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning "When you make a mistake, he will expose it."


"We did some good things on offense, but we needed to start the game better. We gave it our all but we didn't get the win, and winning is the bottom line in this league.

"There is no such word as "build on." It's a season and we have to keep playing. We did some good things but we didn't win. This is not going to be a fun night, and it's not going to be fun tomorrow.

"I don't care if I play good or bad as long as we win."

On young players stepping up
"It was great to see those other guys step up, whether it's [WR David] Kircus, or [RB] Mike Bell or [FB] Cecil Sapp. I don't know if I've seen a rookie [Bell] lay the wood on a safety."

On his performance

"I can't take any credit for it. The offensive line did a great job and [QB] Jake [Plummer] did a great job with the play-action. It was really exciting. I came in with a chip on my shoulder and was thankful for the opportunity. This is a team effort on offense though; we work as a unit.


"It's not about pressure; it's about every man doing his job. [Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning] is a smart quarterback and he knows where his people are. We just have to come out and play our game and see where the chips fall.

"This [defense] has built itself on [not allowing] explosive plays. We didn't give up any today, so there is one positive to take out of this. But we didn't win and we will see them again."


"Whoever had the ball in their hands when the final ticks went down was going to win the game. A minute-forty- nine was a lot of time for them [to drive and win the game]. I was happy with the way we tied it up, but I would have liked us to punch it in [for a touchdown]. Our offense played well enough to have a chance to win.

On Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning
"He is the best pure drop-back passer in the league-maybe ever. He is just a great player."

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