Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan 11/8/06

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan discusses the enormous amount of injuries the team has suffered, the recent play of Javon Walker and how the Raiders have changed since the two teams met in October. Check out the full transcripts

Mike Shanahan

On the injury report update
"Well, we have got Ian Gold who is quite sore and we will know more at the end of the week. Patrick Chukwurah, it's the same thing and we'll know more later in the week. Right now, we are really not sure exactly what they can do. They won't practice today - both of those guys. Let's see who else do we got… Ebenezer (Ekuban) the same situation. His thigh is still sore and he won't practice today. Rod (Smith) and Darrent (Williams) are a little bit sore and we will get a feel as the week goes on to the extent of their injuries."

On if he is relieved that the injuries do not sound very serious
"Well like I said, we will find out at the end of the week."

On how much he thinks the Raiders have changed since Denver played them Oct. 15
"Well when a football team gives up three touchdowns in four games and they are the only team in the National Football League to do it, you have instant respect. That doesn't happen very often. Especially when the offense is struggling a bit it is difficult to stay that composed and play that well, so that is a credit to a team sticking together. Like we talked about before the last time we played the Raiders, I told you about the defense that I thought they had and they have been playing at a very high level and any time you play a football team that plays that kind of defense and has played well at home, the last two home games they have won. They had a bunch of turnovers and they beat Pittsburgh there, they beat Arizona there. They scored a bunch of points and out scored the opposition by a lot so you have to be ready to go. You can't get caught up in the hype and I think that our football team is smart enough to understand that a team that can run the football and a team that can play that kind of defense over four games is a very dangerous football team."

On WR Javon Walker
"Well he is a playmaker, and he has played extremely well and we are excited to have him and I think that he is excited to be here. You are always hoping that a guy is going to step up and make plays, and he has done that. We have eight games (remaining) and we have made some strides, but we have to make some more strides on offense."

On if he is surprised that Pittsburgh didn't roll a safety over to help cover WR Javon Walker
"Well they did, they did it quite a bit. In the fade situation, that wasn't the scenario there because we threw it to him. In the scenarios where we had his number called and he didn't get it, and I think we had a one-on-one on the other side, but people forget sometimes that you can have a play called to a guy and you can always take a guy out of the picture. If you have a good running game then a lot of times they can't do that or you have a balanced attack and you are hoping you can get your play-makers the ball. Sometimes you can, and sometimes you can't."

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