Schon: Broncos Game Blog - 11/23/06

Is Jake Plummer's career on the line tonight? Can the Broncos special teams stop Dante Hall? Check out the answers to those and more in tonight's Live Game Blog...

Wishing everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving - Are you ready for some football?

For a change the weather in KC is pretty nice for football, temperature is in the low 50's without any significant wind.

Broncos placed Tatum Bell on the inactive list for the second straight week, and will hand the reigns over to Mike Bell and Damian Nash.

Other inactives include: Nate Webster, Tony Scheffler, Kenny Peterson, Antwon Burton, Quincy Morgan and Chris Kuper.

NFL Network is making a huge splash in their first-ever televised game, pulling in John Fogerty for the halftime show. Bryant Gumbel will handle the play-by-play with Cris Collinsworth adding the color commentary. It'll be an interesting combination...

Even from a distance - Jessica Harp, from the country-rock duo the Wreckers, looks incredibly hot. Nice call to have the KC native sing the National Anthem.
Kickoff is minutes away - get ready to Shake It Up...


1st. Quarter
Broncos win the toss and will take the kick – Brian Clark moves it out to the 23-yard line. Mike Bell takes the call and grabs a quick 4-yards. Flea-flicker to Stephan Alexander comes up incomplete bringing up third and four. The nightmare for Plummer begins - pass to Alexander gets tipped and Ty Law pulls it in for the games first interception. Chiefs take over in excellent field position.

Larry Johnson busts one off tackle brings up second and short. Johnson again stuffed just past the line of scrimmage. Officials bring out the chains – good for a first.

KC's moving it downfield - down near the Broncos ten-yard line. Near pick by John Lynch at the goal and the Chiefs are forced to settle for a fast three on the leg of Lawrence Tynes.

Broncos take it on the 23 –looks like it's back to the short dump off passes but it seems to be working. Denver grabs a first ear the 30. Holding penalty on on Ben Hamiltoin moves it back to the 25 and second and 19. Back to back passes to David Kircus come up short and the Broncos bring out Paul Ernster to punt – KC takes over on their own 40-yard line.

Trent Green and company struggle and roll it three and out – punt travels deep into Broncos territory – penalty on the kick moves it further back and Plummer takes over inside the ten.

Nash for no gain - Plummer's roll out hits Chad Mustard and the Broncos get some breathing room just shy of the twenty. Lots of dancing but very little progress - Plummer scrambles for his life but Denver still is not clicking on all cylinders. Third and eight Plummer hits Javon Walker but it's short and once again Ernster trots out to punt.

Dante Hall takes it just past the thirty and the Chiefs take over with just over 2:00 remaining in the first.

Broncos have done a pretty good job containing Larry Johnson – Chiefs gets stopped again and KC is forced to punt as the first quarter coes to a close.

2nd. Quarter
Denver takes it on the 18 and starts to gather some momentum behind Mike Bell – Ball moves just shy of midfield and on third and two Bell looses three – more TV time for Ernster. Broncos have not converted a single third down play this far during the game. Punt to Hall traps KC at their own 12.

Green finds Tony Gonzalez for a first and moves it out to the 23. Bennet up the middle moves it close to midfield and KC's on a roll. Broncos D looks tired as Green marches them down to the 10. Ekuban gets flagged for roughing the quarterback and the Chiefs are looking at first and goal from the four. Larry Johnson over the top - touchdown Kansas City - PAT is good and the Broncos face a 10-0 deficit. Chiefs chewed up 88-yards on the scoring drive.

Brian Clark on the return – beautiful run out to midfield – brought back by an illegal block in the back penalty and the Broncos special teams shoots itself in the foot again. I know people are screaming for Cutler to start – but there are a lot more problems with Denver other than the QB position.

Plummer takes over with three minutes remaining and a mile of real estate between the line of scrimmage and the scoreboard. I'm hoping John Fogerty puts on a better performance than the Broncos have so far. Plummer hits Walker on back to back shots and moves the ball out to the Chiefs 47. plummer oyut of the shotgun falls incomplete – Jake gets jacked so hard the official feels compelled to help him up.

Plummer to Marshal moves it out to the 32 – best field position of the day for Denver. Plummer to Walker on the sideline moves it to the 23 and second and one. Plummer to Smith – advances it to the 15 where it's spiked with forty seconds left in the half. Short pass to Bell for two – toss to Smith bounces off his hands and Broncos face fourth and eight – Elam saves the shutout – splits the uprights to narrow the gap 10-3.

Fourteen seconds left and Denver kicks it to Hall – 2-yards deep in the endzone. Hall blisters the Broncos – taking it past midfield to the Denver 43. Special teams is absolutely horrendous – Broncos dodge a bullet – Green misfires on the final play of the half and the Chiefs walk away with a 10-3 first half advantage.

Denver finishes the first half with 24-yards rushing – Chiefs running back Larry Green pulled in 64 – this is going to be a very long night unless the Broncos learn to adjust the game plan. Based on the past several weeks I think I've got better odds of hitting the powerball numbers. Time to crack another cold one as John Fogerty reminds us that he still know how to rock – if I'm not mistaken, I think he broke a sweat during the Creedence Clearwater mix – that's more than I can say for the Broncos at this point.

3rd Quarter
Hall pulls out a 26-yard return and KC takes over at the 33-yard line. Special teams strikes AGAIN – Toss to Eddie Kennison falls incomplete but the sixth flag thrown on Denver gives them an easy third down play – pass to Gonzalez for the first. Johnson crosses midfield to the 43. Green underthrows Johnson and KC's looking at third and six.

Green hits Parker on the sideline – busts a Domonique Foxworth tackle and it's a 31-yard pick up and the Chiefs look ready to light the scoreboard again. Johnson moves it down to the 17 but third and nine falls incomplete thanks to Champ Bailey's deflection – Lawrence Tynes hits his second of the evening and Chiefs move it out to a 13-3 lead.

Chiefs flagged for offsides on the kick and Cecil Sapp takes it to the 33. Plummer sacked on first and ten – backs it up three – short dump to Bell goes nowhere brings up third and eleven. Plummer goes long down the middle PICKED OFF by Patrick Surtain – Chiefs flagged for illegal contact and Plummer escapes certain death. Lob to Kircus moves it to the 25 – Plummer scrambles down to the Chiefs 18. Plummer to Alexander comes up incomplete. I guess it's hard to pick a pass off your shoestrings and hold on effectively.

Third and four from the eighteen – Bell off tackle moves it to the eleven for the first. Plummer hits Alexander close to the five – first and goal. Toss to Smith – inches from the goal – fourth and less than one foot. Plummer – jump ball to Alexander and the Broncos score their first touchdown of the game – KC leads 13-10.

Ernster kicks away from Hall – out of bounds and the Chiefs take over on the 40 – can't remember the last time the Broncos special teams looked this lame – oh, wait a minute – it was last week – never mind.

Chiefs running behind Johnson move it into Broncos territory – 22 carries for 79-yards – Johnson breaks another big one – down to the Denver 15 – he's now at 108 for the evening. Green gets sacked bringing up third and eleven – QB scramble to the eleven and the quarter comes to a close with KC poised for another field goal.

4th Quarter
It's three for three for Tynes and KC moves it to a six point advantage – 16-10.

Clark takes the kick out to the 29-yard line – Plummer to Bell - and the rookie promptly drops it. Second and ten – back to Alexander for a first at their own 40. Plummer's trying to keep the momentum - crosses midfield with a toss to Smith – follows up with a shot to Walker – ball is dropped – third down pass to Nash sails threw his hands and the drive stalls at the 39. Ernster's punt bounces into the end zone and KC takes it at their own 20.

Larry Johnson's makes it look to easy – Chiefs are on a roll – crossing midfield and stretching it down to the Broncos 40.

First and ten from the forty and Darrent Williams picks of Green for the Broncos first INT of the game – returns it to the Denver 36 where Plummer and company take over.

Nash up the middle for absolutely nothing – Pass to Nash comes up 6-yards short and it the biggest third down of the game for Jake. Pass to a wide open Alexander falls about 2-yards short and Ernster's forced to punt again. Good coverage for a change – Hall's dropped inside the ten. Complete waste of an interception – the story of the year for the Broncos offense. Replacing Plummer looks more and more like a necessity right now – look for Cutler's era to start against Seattle.

Chiefs move it close to the twenty and on third and six Green hits Parker for a 26-yard gain and the Broncos defensive backfield is left standing with their hands on their hips.

More Johnson – more yards - hits the Denver 49 and another first. Michael Bennett cuts back off tackle and outruns everyone down to the nine – Broncos have been outrushed 220-yards to 38-yards. Drive stalls at the Broncos seven and Tynes nothes his fourth field goal of the evening – stretching the lead 19-10.

Back to back to Brandon Marshall – short dump passes and the Broncos watch the clock tick away while they fail pull out the big one. Plummer fumbles on first and ten – Broncos recover. A false start penalty and back to back incompletions seal the Broncos fate. Denver drops their second in a row – falling to 7-4, third place in the AFC West.

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