Dear Jay

With Jay Cutler's impending promotion to starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, columnist Sam DeWitt writes him an open letter. Check it out.

Dear Jay,

First of all, let me say how excited we all are to have you here, and how thrilled we are to know that you'll be starting this week when the Denver Broncos play Seattle. Because you're the new quarterback you can bet I'll be there to see the new era begin.

As thrilled as I am, I know that Denver is a tough place to play. You've been close to the whole Jake Plummer issue all season, so I'm sure this fact isn't lost on you. The fan base here will seem fickle at times, but they're not. Not really. I thought I'd welcome you to the family with some tips to make your stay in Denver a pleasant one.

You need to be tough. What you have to understand about Denver is it's a one-sport town, and that sport is football. Sure, we've got the Nuggets and Avalanche, and there's rumored to be a baseball team, but ultimately this town is painted orange and blue. Its citizens are proud - and excitable - football fanatics. We want to win. We want you to want to win.

You need to be smart. John Elway was pressured from day one, and it wasn't until a few years after his arrival that the biggest thing ever to land in Denver came out to the press, talking about the pressure of being the biggest thing ever to land in Denver. It had become too much.

The media will follow you, and though they may not report on things like "Cutler didn't eat his green beans at lunch today," they will be asking asinine questions. That's what they do. You'll need to grin and bear it, and enjoy the ride. No, you won't have much privacy. Yeah, you're going to need to put up with some uncomfortable situations.

But when you win in this town, it will all be worth it.

Look at Patrick Roy, Ray Bourque, Joe Sakic, Terrell Davis and John Elway for proof. Each and every one of them has won a title here. Each one of them is now a deity of sorts within the city. You could have that, too. And please understand - that's what we want.

In a way, winning two titles back to back in the 90's spoiled us. What's worse, having our hero ride off into the sunset after the second was even worse, and having the remarkably talentless, personality-void Brian Griese take over the reigns was the worst of all. Going from a hero who had the respect and admiration of every person in the locker room to a guy who's best quality was his last name was too big of a shock. Griese didn't want to be here.

Plummer was an improvement. At least he said all the right things, and he won games. But there were the accuracy questions. He threw a ton of bad passes, often ending in a short field for the opposing offense. These are the things that he did wrong. The supposed road rage incident only added fuel to the already-hot fire.

Now here we are. There are two roads ahead of you. One is to continue what you've done. You haven't complained in the media about not playing, and you haven't thrown any hissy fits about Plummer's interceptions. You've said and done all the right things, and you've impressed your teammates and coaches from day one of training camp. Continue on this road, and you will be a star in this town.

But there is another path. If things start to go bad (and they will - they always do from time to time), you're going to need to be strong. You're going to need to keep your head up. Keep doing what you did to get you into this league. Keep trying, keep playing, and don't give up.

We all want what's best for you, even if, sometimes, it seems otherwise.

Now, go tear up the Seahawks.


Sam W. DeWitt


The Citizens of Broncos Country

Sam DeWitt is a regular columnist for He lives in Denver with his dog Bailey and his musings can be read at and Sam can be reached via email at

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