Cutler's Corner

Denver's newest quarterback met with the media today to discuss his first career start, the aspects of snowy weather conditions and the pressure of facing the Seahawks in prime time this Sunday.

Jay Cutler

On playing in the cold and snow
"It doesn't snow down south where we played college football, but in high school I played a few games in snow."

On whether the cold bothers him
"No. Pregame's a little cold, but once you get in the game you warm up and it's the last thing you're thinking about."

On how he thinks the offense will be different
"I don't know. We got the game plan today. We're doing some good stuff, some stuff we've done before, some new stuff. We're not going to change it a lot."

On the development of his relationship with fellow rookie TE Tony Scheffler in the preseason
"This preseason, we were pretty basic in a lot of stuff. It involved Tony, and he was just getting open. Hopefully we'll be able to incorporate him in the offense and get him rolling again."

On whether the Broncos' offense fits his style of play
"Yeah, I can drop back. I can roll around. We'll get our running game rolling again and get some play action and stuff. I think that I fit in this offense pretty well."

On how he expects the Seahawks' defense to attack him
"That's a good question. I wish I knew that. There are two philosophies. You can come and blitz, or they can come sit back, zone it out and make me read the holes. I don't know what they're going to do. They've got a good defense. They fly around. They get to the ball. So it's going to be interesting to see what happens Sunday."

On whether he's gotten a lot of phone calls this week
"Most of my friends and family, they've kind of left me alone. They know I'm busy this week. I'm just concentrating quite a bit and getting into the playbook and learning everything."

On dealing with blitzes
"If they blitz a lot, we've got some stuff to beat it. We've got a really good offensive line. (Center) Tommy (Nalen) is in there. He's been playing a long time. He's going to be able to help them pick up a lot of that stuff. If they want to blitz, hopefully we can burn them early and get them out of that. But I expect a lot of different stuff from their defense."

On the importance of getting WR Javon Walker involved
"Javon, Rod (Smith), all those guys, they've been making big plays for us all year, so getting them involved early hopefully will open up some of the running lanes. That's going to be vital."

On what the veterans have said to him
"They haven't said anything to me yet. We worked at our walk through, and we're just trying to concentrate on getting this game plan down. I'm sure when things slow down a bit I'll talk to some of those guys."

On the best advice he's gotten this week
"I haven't talked to really anybody. I've gotten a lot of voicemails and stuff. I talked to Bus (agent Bus Cook) a couple times, my agent, and he just said, ‘Go out and play football. Have fun, and try not to think too much.' I think one of the things that I'm going to try to do early is get everything down so I can react and not be second guessing myself and thinking too much."

On whether he's ready for the pressure of being the Broncos' quarterback
"Yeah. John Elway put the bar high, so it's something I'm going to have to live up to. There's a lot of pressure on me coming into this game to perform. I'm going to try not to disappoint."

On how his first high school and college starts compare to this experience
"It's a little different. This is a little bit bigger magnitude, but once I get out there I'll relax and just start playing football."

On what he's been doing to prepare for the game
"Just watching some film the last couple days. I tried to get in here yesterday and get the game plan a little bit early and get some ideas on what they thought we might be running. Today was a big day for us, the first day we got the game plan and really got things explained to us."

On how large or small the game plan is
"Same thing."

On whether he expects any problems transitioning into his new role
"Yeah, there were some problems today at walk through. It's going to be like that the first couple days. Got to work out some kinks this afternoon, but those things are going to be expected."

On his biggest concern
"I think just getting everything that we want to get done out there on the field – all the plays, all the checks, all the runs – getting all that and just feeling really comfortable going into Sunday. Right now, everyone I think is kind of pressing and just watching really closely to see what I do. I've just go to relax. It's going to come, and we've got a lot of time left."

On the running game
"I don't know what exactly the problem has been, but getting Tatum (Bell) back is definitely going to help. He's been nursing that foot for the last couple weeks. I think he's going to be 100 percent and ready to go. If not, we've got some younger guys that are going to be able to step in there, Mike (Bell) and some of those guys, so hopefully we can get back on track."

On his experiences playing in the snow
"I played in one high school game, another semi-state game. I played pretty well, so hopefully we can repeat that performance."

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