Cutler's Corner - 12/3/06

The Broncos newest quarterback discusses his first career start, the mood of the team after dropping three straight games and whether or not he can lead this team to the playoffs. Check out the full story...

Jay Cutler

"It's tough. I knew going into this it wasn't going to be a perfect game, and it wasn't. I made some mistakes, and we had a lot of mistakes. I kind of blame myself, though, and those turnovers hurt us. The defense played really well."

On whether or not he felt nervous before his first start
"No, not really. I felt pretty comfortable. They were doing a lot of the stuff we had seen on film. They did a few things we weren't ready for, but nothing that really confused us."

On the fourth quarter touchdown pass to WR Brandon Marshall
"That's all Brandon Marshall, I didn't do anything. I just got him the ball, and he made a big play for us. We have a lot of guys like that, and we need to spread the ball around more."

On whether Seattle blitzed more on account of facing a rookie quarterback in his first start
"No, not really. I didn't think they'd change their game plan just because I was in there. They played how they have the last four or five games, so it was nothing new."

Whether or not he was overwhelmed by the game plan
"No, not really. It never really overwhelmed me. We had a few miscommunications, but that's going to happen. We just have to go back to work."

On the team mood
"The team is still confident. We've got way too much talent for us to think the season is over. We have a lot of football left and a lot of games to play. Anything can happen. We'll bounce back and we'll be ready for San Diego."

On his first interception
"It was just going to be a fake and then a keeper. They blitzed both sides, so there was really nothing we could do. It was just a bad play. I just have to learn to throw the ball away and take a loss there."

On what Coach Mike Shanahan told him before the game
"He said, ‘Have fun, go and play'. That's what everyone has told me. ‘Just go out there, have fun and make some plays'."

On the running game
"The running game did well. I thought we just had a bad third quarter there and stalled out. We just have to keep moving along, and I've got to play better."

How he feels after the game
"I'm disappointed. I was hoping that we'd get the win. To have a game like this, and have two picks and one get housed [returned for a touchdown], it's tough."

On whether or not he can lead Denver to the playoffs
"Yes, we have a lot of guys in there that are really good football players, so it's not just on me. I can do my part better, obviously, but we still have a few games left."

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