Broncos Post Game

Denver Broncos players react to the loss of Al Wilson, Jay Cutlers first NFL start and the possibility of making the playoffs after dropping three straight games.

Darrent Williams

On LB Al Wilson's injury
"My main thing was just to make sure that he's alright. It doesn't look good when they bring the cart out. We just wanted to make sure he is alright. But after he left the field, I think we were able to get our focus back on the game. Their defense and special teams forced two turnovers [after the injury to Wilson], and that really turned the game around."

On Seattle's final drive to score
"It was just a play here or there. It wasn't that they made a lot of big plays, just enough to get them into field goal range. Their kicker made a 50-yarder. You have to give that kicker credit for doing what not many other kickers in the league can do."

On slowing down Seattle's running game
"Tackling was the big emphasis this week. We had [Kansas City RB] Larry Johnson in the backfield at least ten times last week, and he ended up breaking those and getting big gains. We tackled better today, when we got to [RB Shaun Alexander] we wrapped him up and didn't let him break loose."

Tatum Bell

"I was glad I was able to get going. We came to play in the first half, as far as the running game. For a rookie in his first start at quarterback you'll have some bumps and bruises. But, he'll be alright. We'll hang in there with him. We just can't have turnovers. That's what killed us. We have to dig deep inside and decide what direction we want to go in. Hopefully, it's in the right direction."

On Wilson's injury
"You hate to see anyone get injured, especially a team leader like Al. Hopefully, he's okay."

On the running game and his performance
"I felt good. The second half, they started tightening up on the run defense. We should have kept giving it to them like we did in the first half. It's a tough loss. As far as my performance, I feel pretty good but it doesn't matter because we lost."

Brandon Marshall

On his 71-yard touchdown catch
"That's the make up of our receiving corps…tough. It just shows the character of our team. That play symbolized what we're going to do the rest of the season. We still have a chance at the Wild Card. Cincinnati and Kansas City are both 7-5, so our destiny is in our hands. That's the character of our team: we won't give up."

On making a play
"It was definitely a surprising play. It was our first play out of the two-minute package. When I got back to the sidelines, one of our guys said, ‘Where has that been since camp?' It was a big play, but it really doesn't matter when you don't get the victory."

On QB Jay Cutler's performance
"For what we gave him and what the field position and everything, I think he did really well. It was a good start for him."

Domonique Foxworth

"We have a lot of talent, but sometimes you don't get the breaks. Sometimes the sun isn't shining on you. Hopefully it will be shining on us at the right time. We need to win out to earn ourselves a playoff spot, so we really need to turn it up."

On turnovers
"Turnovers play a huge role in every game. You can usually tell who wins or loses based on who wins the turnover battle. We managed to keep it close despite the turnover imbalance. We need to turn the ball over as a defense and we didn't do that. We had some opportunities, and we couldn't get it done."

John Lynch

On being 7-5 with playoff hopes
"It's hard to believe that we're in this position, but never the less, this is the situation we find ourselves in. You can point to a lot of teams in the past [who have come back from 7-5], like the Steelers last year; I think they had virtually the same record as us. Obviously, we need to do a lot of things better, but as far as this organization [the Super Bowl] will always be our goal."

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