Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan

Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the media following Sunday's win over the Arizona Cardinals. Check out the full transcripts in today's Coach's Corner.

Mike Shanahan

Opening Statement:
"It's nice to get back in the winning column that's for sure. I was really please with our football team and the effort they put in today. Offense was zero for three in the first half in the red zone, yet we found a way to come back with poise anad composure and found a way to get three for three in the second half. I was proud that we had a little diversity in the first half even though we moved the football we couldn't score. So it was nice to come back and punch the endzone a few times. Special teams obviously, Quincy Morgan did a great job with a couple of returns and great field position. That's something we aren't used to. It's nice to step up there. Defense, I thought we really fought. This football team has done a great job scoring points and moving the football. Finding a way to not only win but get the ball in the endzone and for our defense to step up and play the way they did I was really impressed."

On Jay Cutler's progression:
"I don't think we need to talk about this each week. He is gonna grow and learn. I think you can see it just like I can there is a lot of confidence out there today. He showed a lot of poise and threw a couple of big time throws and he managed the game really well."

On Jay Cutler and the learning curve:
"He wouldn't be our starting quarterback if I thought that he had to make those kind of decisions.There is a learning curve and just like every quarterback you have to go through some ups and downs but you saw what he could do today. It doesn't take a genius out there to figure out that this guy is very composed, makes all his throws and plays with a lot of confidence."

Whether Jay Cutler allows for a more open playbook:
"I'm not going to get into that. I just know that this guy has a big time future with us. You can see what he can do and I don't compare it to game plans or other scenerios. I just like what he's doing. You can see as a young quarterback we are able to do a lot with him that you can't with a lot of rookies. You just digest it and understand it very quickly. There are going to be some growing pains but I'll enjoy those growing pains as we go along."

On the running game:
"I thought we did a great job. We have been doing a pretty good job over the last couple of weeks at stopping the running game and it really kept us in check. It commited a lot of people to the run, which obviously opens up your passing game. We had a number of times where we had the opporrtunity to make big plays and they found a way to stop us. Which is a big credit to that defense and how hard they played and consistent they played for 60 minutes. Normally we can play poorly in the first half and all of a sudden we have a number of big plays in the second half, but they came to play."

On the decision to let Mike Bell play more minutes:
"I'll be honest with you, I need to talk to Bobby Turner why that scenerio was. I'm not quite sure. Bobby is in charge of running backs and getting the feel on how they are playing, how tired they are and if the guy is hurt. I will have to talk to Bobby to find out for sure."

On whether Tatum Bell's fumble inpacted Mike Bell's playing time:
"Like I said I'll have to talk to Bobby Turner."

On the momentum on the field:
"We had a number of long drives today and in the first half we just couldn't get the ball into the endzone. We had the opportunity to just settle for field goals but sometimes that just comes back to huant you. In the second half we turned them into touchdowns. That's what good offenses do and we've been pretty average this year and it's nice to play better today."

On the defensive backs:
"Pretty impressive. That's a great receiving core that they have and an excellent young quarterback that's going to have a great future. To have Darrent Williams go down and these guys step up and play as well as they played is impressive."

On Darrent Williams:
"We had made the decision on Friday that he wasn't going to play just because he couldn't practice at the level that I thought could help us win. Most of the time when guys practice at that level they can't go for a whole game because it sets them back. So we will see."

On defensive secondary:
"I thought we played very well. We had a guy go down, a nickel-and-dime package and we were very successful throwing the football. We had to win. We had to come in here and we knew if we didn't win this game we were out of the playoffs. It was a do or die situation for us and our guys came to play against a football team that has been playing very well."

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