Broncos Post Game 12/17

Jay Cutler, Champ Bailey and Mike Bell discuss today's 37-20 win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Jay Cutler
On playing against Leinart:
"It was the third start, we can't get all wrapped up in who you are playing against or players on the opposite team. It's just another game. Matt played well. We had things going offensively and defensively today."

On the first TD Pass:
"I had a lot of confidence coming into this game, I felt a lot more comfortable this week, being my third start. It's just playing more football and getting comfortable under center. But once we hit that big one I think I got more confidence and we were off to the races."

On HC Mike Shanahan:
"He's got a lot of confidence in me and I've had to earn that. As the game goes on he kind of sees how I'm doing and if I'm doing well then he's going to let me do more and if I'm not he's going to kind of shrink it down."

On getting his first win:
"I'm glad it's out of the way; to get this one and keep us in the playoff hunt. These next two games we have to move on and keep working."

On not giving up:
"We have too much talent and too much character on this team for us to just give in these last three games coming into this. If we kept fighting and kept winning ballgames we would have a shot. The guys in there are ready to go; we're going to give it our all these last two."

On playing against Cardinals QB Matt Leinart:
"You want to go out and do well but it's a team game and I knew I was going to put the team before myself any day. For us to get the win and me play as well as I did is an extra bonus."

On his offensive line:
"Today the offensive line played extremely well, I think we kept them off balance with our running game. Getting off to a fast start opens up a lot of doors for us."

On the rookie QB Class:
"We're in a playoff race right now and I'm not really worried about that. Obviously Matt and Vince are playing better and better each week and that's what I'm trying to do. I got a little bit of a late jump on it but I'm starting to play better and hopefully we can get in the playoffs."

On the return game:
"It's huge. We have Quincy back there and he busted some big ones for us at a time when we really needed them. It gave us some field position right after they scored."

On this being a do or die game:
"If we lost this one we were in trouble for the playoffs, we knew that coming into the game."

Mike Bell
On scoring two TD's:
"It was definitely great coming home and to be able to do that was amazing."

On local support:
"There was a lot. Just being here I know a lot of people were just fans because I played high school and college and pop warner. You can't ask for more support then that."

On the win:
"It was really important, the team needed it. We all knew we had three games left and we knew we needed all three, so this is a starting point and I think everybody's confidence is high right now."

Champ Bailey
On being a must win game:
"I don't think the situations make that much of a difference. It's all about our attitude in the locker room. We know what type of team we are and we have a lot of confidence and a lot of pride in this locker room. We just have to go out and execute what the coaches give us to do on Sunday."

On the fast start:
"I envisioned that happening on the sidelines and I was like ‘I just can't drop it'. I knew I was going to see the ball. They threw it over there and I just picked it off."

On the Cardinals:
"You can't judge them by the way we beat them today. They have a great group of guys. They are all young players, they have a young QB. They are just going to get better and better."

On Cardinals QB Matt Leinart:
"He's a good quarterback. One thing about him is he knows what the defense is going to be. He's still young; it's going to take a while. He'll pick up things a lot faster. I see him being like a Peyton Manning later in his career, the guy has that kind of ability."

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