Coach's Post Game 12/24/06

Broncos coach Mike Shanahan spoke to the media following the Broncos 24-23 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Check out the full transcripts...

Mike Shanahan

"Normally I am not out here this late but (CB) Domonique Foxworth had some problems in the locker room but he's ok now. He had some problems after the game and that is one of the reasons why I am a little late. I'm not really sure what it was but I think he is fine now. Keep our thoughts and prayers in his direction. Hopefully he stays that way."

On if CB Domonique Foxworth passed out after the game
"Yes. I don't know if it was complete exhaustion or exactly what it was. He was not feeling very good after the game and the team was around him for a few minutes. Doctors were looking at him. He got back to where he could sit up and could communicate so I think he is fine now. But it kind of keeps things in perspective when something happens like that."

On if CB Foxworth will have further medical observation
"I'm sure he will. I'm not exactly sure what it is. I'm not sure the doctors know but he is stable right now."

On Cincinnati's missed extra point
"To be honest with you when you go back to 1984 playing the Raiders and Mr. Bowlen's father had passed away that day, Marcus Allen had fumbled right before they went to kick a field goal and we went on and had a drive and won that football game. Pat's mom Arvella passing away this week, I think she had something to do with that missed extra point. That happened over twenty years ago and I can remember the day like it was yesterday and obviously Pat (Bowlen) has been going through a very tough time this week."

On his thoughts during the missed extra point
"To be honest with you my thoughts were that we would get the flip in overtime and go out there and make some plays on either side of the football and find a way to win. I noticed a couple times before that and one time on the extra point they batted the ball down and barely got it through and it was a heck of a job by the holder. When the ball is a little slick like that there is always an opportunity for that to happen especially when the pressure is on. I was looking at it as automatic for me. I was just looking at it because the conditions were tougher than normal."

On the 99-yard scoring drive
"Well quarterbacks are going to grow every time they take a snap. Like I said from day one, this guy (QB Jay Cutler) is something special. There are going to be some growing pains along the line. You watch your guy and how he handles himself in practice, how he handles himself in meetings and you kind of watch the way that he operates. And you've just got to get to the next level and you can see today he made some mistakes but when he was on the line he made some big plays. I'm really proud of him and the way he played. He fought hard and it was really a team effort to win like that."

On what he said to QB Jay Cutler after his first interception
"I just talked to him and said hey when you take an extra hitch like that these guys are too good and you have to dump the ball off. And he has got such confidence in his arm, most people wouldn't even try to get the ball when you're in that seam. But he thought he could get there before the free safety got there and that will just come with time and he will understand that when he takes that second hitch that he has to dump the ball off. If he just takes those four or five yards the big plays will come and he'll be able to hit them. That is just part of the growing experience that goes with that position."

On the strategy behind the reverse plays today
"With our running game sometimes we'll run quarterback keeps and sometimes we'll run reverses but with a zone type of blocking scheme sometimes the arounds are better than the quarterback keeps especially when it's a little slick out there. So we decided to go with a few more arounds than we did with quarterback keeps and it worked out good for us."

On how he would rate the rookie class
"We have a lot of guys helping us right now. Take a look at Jay (Cutler), take a look at Tony Scheffler, some of the plays Brandon Marshall made. Obviously we had some big time plays from our young players and hopefully they can keep on improving and getting better and obviously they have a great future in front of them. That's just on offense that's not even talking about Elvis (Dumervil) on defense and Mike Bell was a free agent and a lot of guys stepped up and played well."

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