Broncos Players Post-Game Quotes - 12/24/06

Denver Broncos players talk about their 24-23 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Christmas Eve.

QB JAY CUTLER On Cincinnati‘s missed extra point

"We were just going over two minute stuff on the sideline and preparing for overtime. It was an early Christmas present for the Broncos and our fans."

On the 99-yard scoring drive

"It was a tough spot for us. We didn't get the call that we thought we were going to get. We had a big third down. We hit Tony (Scheffler) and kind of got us out of our own end zone and got rolling. Our offensive line took over in the second half and we were moving the ball well."

On if he's ever had a 99-yard drive before

"Probably, more than likely and I probably won't remember this one in ten years either."

On how he feels after these last two games

"Every game I feel more confident and more comfortable out there in the pocket and just playing. Those first two were kind of rough. I hadn't played in ten or eleven weeks so I was kind of raw. I am just getting more comfortable and I think that everybody is starting to feel me out. Just like I'm starting to feel out the coaches so hopefully we can only get better from here."

On his interception

"It happens but I let it go as soon as I threw it. I knew it was going to get picked. We bounced back and had some good touchdowns."



"It was a playoff atmosphere out there. My 35 year old body isn't getting a little extra juice in this atmosphere."

On Winning the Game by Cincinnati‘s missed extra point

"I don't know if that has ever happened in my career. Luck had a big part of it, but we battled hard from the beginning. I liked the energy and the way we have been practicing and I think it is translating onto the field."



"It took a little bit of a Christmas miracle at the end, but we got some steam rolling into our last (regular season) game."

On Young Players Stepping Up

"We have a lot of guys contributing and we are really coming together as a team. Us young guys are just trying to help the team anyway we can and we have some great veterans to help us."


On injury during game

"It was just hard game and I was getting beat up and taking some hits. It is nothing to be concerned about it is just part of the game."

On Broncos receivers

"We have a great group of wideouts. And when we can make plays it opens things up for the rest of the offense. We were able to move the chains and convert on third downs."

On QB Jay Cutler

"The more starts he gets the more consistent he gets. A couple more starts and he can be one of the best (QB)out there."


"This is a win we needed we have had some tough breaks at home, but we are at the other end of this one."



"We are a tight bunch. It shows on the field how everyone gets along off the field. We pride ourselves on making big plays, but we also pride ourselves on the little plays to grind it out and get things going. We were able to open up the running game in the second half and that gave our offense a huge boost."


On Cincinnati ‘s missed Extra Point

"(The Defense)We were ready to go back out there and suit up if it went into overtime. God shined on us with that extra point."

Playoff Implications

"If we get to the playoffs it is a clean slate .Every team is 0-0."

On QB Jay Cutler

"Our coach and our team believe in this guy. If Shanahan didn't think he could play he would never be out there."



"This was an effort you want to put out for a game like this. There were a lot of hard hits out there. It was like a highlight film. John Lynch was pouring his heart out."



"At the end of the game you just always have to believe. This win gets a little pressure off our backs going into our last (regular season) game."

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