Cutler's Corner - Post Game 12/31/06

Jay Cutler discusses the emotions of the game, his injury in the second quarter and the 49ers defensive pressure - Check it all out in today's edition of Cutler's Corner.

Jay Cutler

On the range of emotions during the game
"It's too bad. We just got it started a little bit too late in the fourth quarter. It seems like every time we got something going, something would happen, and we'd have to punt the ball. Everyone is real down right now."

On his diagnosis when he came out in the second quarter
"I don't know, I haven't talked to them yet [the trainers]. I was a little dinged up. My head was swimming a little bit. I had dropped on the back of my head. I was fine in the second half."

Was he feeling affected in the second half?
"No, on that pick I was just trying and we got a little pressure, and I tried to get it in the flat to SA [TE Stephen Alexander], and I didn't put enough on it. But otherwise, I was fine."

On the blind side pressure surprising him
"Yes, they brought some pressure early on. We tried to change our protection there late in the third and the fourth. We played things a little more solid up front. I just wished we would have done it a little earlier."

On 49ers' FS Keith Lewis's comments to Cutler during the game
"He was talking a lot. That guy wouldn't be quiet out there. I don't know what he was saying, though."

On using three timeouts in the third quarter
"It's frustrating. We got down in the red zone a couple of times, and just miscommunications on the coaches' part and my part."

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